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Friday , May 24 2024

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Top Indian Apps To Fight COVID 19

The world is on a battle with the novel coronavirus pandemic relying heavily on the technology. Every sector of the industry is dependent on the technology from healthcare organizations, government bodies, to private enterprises in some of the other form to beat the unknown faces of the changing economy.

India, like every other country, is using a set of mobile applications at both central and state government levels to manage the day to day requirements and health issues. Here is a list of some mobile applications that were developed to meet the essential needs.

Aarogya Setu

The Aarogya Setu Application, developed by the Government of India, warns users if they are in proximity to a positive Coronavirus patient. The application also provides tips on preventive measures to the general public. The mobile application also connects people with essential health services in the case of an emergency. A person can also check if he or she is infected after downloading the app on their mobile phone. The nearest health facility can also be traced with the help of this app.

COVID 19 Feedback

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information technology has introduced the COVID 19 Feedback mobile application. The application acts like a survey tool to collect information from the users about any medical test or treatment that they might have taken in the recent past. The Government is using to collect data as to which area is the worst affected area. The aim is to collect medical history and enhance testing and healthcare facilities all over the country.


The aim of this application is to provide a citizen engagement platform with the Government. The application allows the citizens to share their ideas and suggestions with the central ministries and their associations. Users of the application can go to COVID 19 section to know the latest news about the disease. Helpline numbers and email addresses are also given to get help in the case of an emergency.


The National Mapping Agency Survey of India has developed the SAHYOG application complementing the Arogya Setu application to carry out contact tracing, self-assessment, and public awareness activities. The primary objective behind this app is to improve the response system of the Indian Government.

COVA Punjab

The COVA Punjab application is developed by the Government of Punjab. The application offers preventive care information to the citizens of Punjab. Citizens can also apply for a Curfew Pass through this application. Orders and travel instructions can also be gathered through this application.

Test Yourself Goa

Test Yourself Goa is a mobile application developed by the Ministry of Goa collaborating with Innovaccer. The application is currently available only for Android users. The iOS application is still due for release. It allows the users to self-diagnose the COVID 19 symptoms after the app is downloaded into their mobile phones.

All these applications require the users to fill in their basic details to get started. It sends them notifications in the case of important information. The overall aim of these applications is to improve the overall health quality of the country and help it survive the pandemic without a big loss.

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