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Friday , April 19 2024

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Easy Accounting software Product Review- Canopy

Accounting-Tools-Product-review-canopyCanopy Tax an easy accounting software is a tax resolution and project management platform for small businesses and their advisors. Simple yet powerful tool, Canopy offers Tax management platform which manages tax workflow for accountants and tax professionals.

Traditional Tax resolutions consume ample of time following so many formalities. Canopy Tax serves a portal containing many essential and advanced widgets that are helpful in Tax resolution. Along with this, the tool assures various other relevant aspects such as Client management, document management and much more.


Editions and Pricing

Plan Price (per user/month) Features
Practice Management $30 workflow of accountants and tax professionals
Tax Resolution $105 Faster, easier, and more accurate tax resolution
Billing & Invoicing $120 professional invoices, online payments

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Canopy_Tax_ AnalyticsTax Analytics
The robust analytical abilities of Canopy offers reports comparing outcomes to select the best decision in much less time. The numbers could be manipulated here to find the most suitable result. It will also notify the user about cases that can affect the client’s case, using Flags.



Canopy_IRS_Form_SurveyIRS Form Survey
Canopy survey provides Auto- populated IRS forms containing relevant questions. All a user need to do is print, sign and send. This sensible content saves the time of the client providing no redundancies. Users just need to fill one online survey and other IRS forms will be completed by Canopy.



Canopy_Client_ManagementClient Management
Canopy allows a user to track everything related to his client. All documents, reports, deadlines, tasks, surveys are made available under a single secure cloud. This is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Any file having any size can be uploaded. Also, a user can share client’s data with another teammate, which can be given assignments or any other responsibility by the admin, making a collaborative workflow.


Canopy_Transcript_delivery_and_ReportingTranscript Delivery and Reporting
The app delivers transcripts in a much less time than dealing IRS. The transcripts are so comprehensive and easy to read due to its robust reports and documents. It’s smart filters provide reports according to year and section.



Canopy_Custom_Service_WorkflowCustom Service Workflow
A user can make his customizable service templates and associated tasks in an easy and efficient manner. These services can be added to the client’s engagement section with a single click which in turn will be saved as a to-do for the user.



Canopy_Penalty_abatement_and_morePenalty Abatement and more
Answering some series of question is carried out for services relevant to close and intense topics like Penalty Abatements, Liens, Levies, Trust Fund Recovery, etc. The Canopy’s inbuilt Assistant is an add-on, it will show recommendations after the questions using IRS standard. It will guide about the most likely outcome with the cardinal direction, forms, and templates.



Canopy_Track_EngagementsTrack Engagements
Canopy’s meetings monitor progress charts, report deadlines, survey status for every case work. Timelines option records activities did by the user and other teammates at what time.



Canopy_Client_portalClient Portal
The user can invite customers to their portals where he can see the progress, fill surveys, upload files and can pay invoices. A complete, controllable interface for the client. The entrance will be monitored by the user through the eyeball icon from the user’s account. Any addition to the customer’s dashboard can be shareable by the user.



Canopy_Billing_and_invoicingBilling and Invoicing
Consumers can pay the user via online payments through the platform. A user can follow up on overdue payments and can instruct the customer to pay using another way. The user can set the invoice number. The canopy will automatically decide on the new default if it found a recognizable pattern by the user.


Mobile Accessibility

Canopy tax is readily available on mobile platforms.


The app supports integration with Stripe.


A user can submit his query on the website or can send them via email. You can also contact them via phone.

Pros and Cons of Canopy


  • Assistant Recommendation over broad issues
  • Analytics to find the best outcome
  • Auto- populated IRS forms
  • Online payment
  • Filters are available


  • Not having user friendly interface.
  • Only professional can use it.

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Canopy Tax tool is a modern and quick way to deal with tax resolution. The app manages its every asset brilliantly with easy handling. Canopy is full with vital features that are extremely helpful for accounts tasks.

For more details, please visit Canopy website.

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