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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Best Accounting Tools Product Review- Harpoon


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A plenty of tasks you are supposed to handle while running a small business, however, when it comes to managing finance and accounts, you seek the help of a professional.

Why rely on others for your confidential data, when some excellent tools for accounting are available? Harpoon is one of the best accounting tool specially designed to fulfill your business needs and to enable you for tracking expenses and invoicing with analytics. The tool facilitates excellent features for project management and time tracking as well. It lets you plan and set goals for your business and helps you to make smart financial decisions.

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Editions and Pricing

Harpoon has one edition and provides a 14 free trial. You can opt for subscription anytime, and it costs $19 per month (when paid monthly) for unlimited invoicing, unlimited projects and unlimited clients. The facility to pay annually is available with a less cost.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_harpoon_dashboardInteractive Dashboard
The tool has a nice interactive panel which lets you take a quick a glance over reports categorized such as revenue per month, expenses per month, and profit/loss. You can also create new timer, project, invoice, client or project.


This added feature lets you plan your projects to manage revenue. It facilitates a tracking bar that can be customized according to your expected revenue goals.


product_review_harpoon_time_trackingTime Tracking
The time tracking feature provides better options to manage tasks and projects. It lets your client know that you are tracking the work with time tracking history.

You can anytime start, pause or log time.

The tool allows you to create new invoices and recurring invoices. You can add recorded hours and expenses as well as select clients from contacts. You can also save the recurring invoices and can use them as a template, later.


This outstanding facility lessens your work for finance management. The reports provide insights of profit/loss, expenses, and timesheet, and you can customize them to appear on the dashboard.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool is accessible via mobile browsing. Currently, mobile apps are not available.


The tool does not provide integration with other tools. It integrates with Stripe for the payment system.


The tool provides support via live online chat as well as via Email. You can get help from support section and search for the query on your topic. The tool provides several video tutorials, quick view guide, and articles in the support section.

Pros and Cons of Harpoon


  • Time tracking and scheduling are stand out features.
  • Reports are insightful for financial planning and execution.
  • User-friendly interface and good support.


  • Mobile apps are missing.
  • The requirement of high-level integration with other similar applications.

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Although Harpoon comes in the category of accounting, it is quite different from other tools. The tool not only exhibits the features like invoicing, tracking expenses, and project management but also offers features for financial management of business. It takes you to the bigger picture of accounting such as managing revenue, profit or loss, and expenses. You can get insights right from the dashboard. No other accounting tool provides such extensive facilities. The stand out features is task management, time tracking, and scheduling. These are the advanced features along with an accounting tool features.

For more details, please visit Harpoon website.

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