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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Innovaccer Moving Towards Introduction of AI in Healthcare

Innovaccer-Moving-Towards-Introduction-of-AI-in-HealtcareInnovaccer is a Big Data startup since the year 2012. This startup was initiated by a team of three people, Abhinav Shashank, Kanav Hasija and Sandeep Gupta. The company has recently raised $15 Mn is Series A. This was led by Westbridge Capital Partners with the participation from other angel investors. Sumir Chanda, Managing Director of Westbridge, will also soon join the board. The company is still looking to use this fund to accelerate its footprint in the healthcare sector.

The Innovaccer team is working towards the cutting edge Big Data algorithms to offer better business outcomes. This all is made possible with increased focus by the providers and payers reducing inefficiencies in healthcare systems.

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Innovaccer has headquarters in the Silicon Valley with offices in Palo Alto and New Delhi. The company focuses on helping large enterprises to make data-driven decisions simpler. This is anticipated in sectors such as Finance, Retail, and Healthcare.

The Platform

Using Datashop as its platform, the company offers end-to-end Big Data Solutions to its users. When most of the industries are using siloed functions of integrating, cleansing, analyzing, managing and visualizing data, the full- stack capabilities of Datashop offer guaranteed ROI without the need to write a single line of code.

Abhinav, the co-founder, and CEO of Innovaccer believes that Real-time data integration, advanced analytics, and interoperable exchange, can be the game changer factors in the healthcare sector and can result in tremendous outcomes. With this vision, Innovaccer is working with large research and healthcare customers such as Catholic Health Initiatives, Partners Healthcare, Sonic Health Systems, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Artesyn, Wolters Kluwers, and Artesyn amoung.

On its Way Forward

With the funds raised recently, the Co- Founders believes that they should be able to disrupt the healthcare aggressively IT sector by leveraging the Big Data, Automation, and Machine learning to deliver better care at reduced costs.

The Innovaccer team is also in its early stage of building a suit of Self-Serve Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications on top of the platform and aims to open this platform for the developer ecosystem around the product shortly.

The Bottom Line

The company also raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding led by Google’s Vice President for Southeast Asia, Mr. Rajan Anadam with Beenos Group’s CEO Teru Sato. Also with Capillary Technologies’ founder and CEO Aneesh Reddy and the chairman of Ingersoll Rand India, Venkatesh Valluri. The other participants included over 500 startups the founder of the redBus, Phanindra Sama.

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