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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Invoiced

Accounting-Tools-Product-review-invoicedInvoiced is a tool that offers various features to small business owners and free lancers. It helps users to create personalized invoice, allow users to accept online payment easily by just a few clicks. It basically ensures that businesses receive payment on time and to accomplish this a complete workflow is prepared in which customer will receive their invoices thus making more convenient for them to pay.



Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing Customers Features
Startup $29/month

50 cents per extra customer

50 customers/month Upto 5 users
Growth $99/month

50 cents per extra customer

500 customers/month Unlimited users

Phone support

Business $249/ month

50 cents per extra customer

2000 customers/month Unlimited users

Phone support

30 day free trial is available for all subscriptions.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

This feature allows users to create an invoice, documentation and helps them in inviting their team.



Invoiced_Customers Customers
This feature help business owners and free lancers  to add new customers. Customer details are required that include customer  name, id, email, colllection mode(automatic or manual), payment terms. Other details include postal address,country. Phone etc.


Invoiced_New CustomerOn clicking new customer option the form arises in which details of customers need to be filled.




Invoiced_Invoices Invoices
This feature of invoiced help users to create invoices in which details such as item, quantity, rate, amount has to be filled. Line items option helps customers to add items of their choice or they can select from a catalog.


Invoiced_Subscriptions Subscriptions
This feature helps users to subscribe to any plan according to their requirements.They need to fill certain basic information such as name, plan, start date, duration etc. for taking new subscription plan or changing their existing subscribed plan.



Invoiced_Payments Payments
This feature provides customers with the online payment option. As soon as customer details are added it redirects to other details of payment page and as per the plan and subscription the customer needs to pay.


Invoiced_Reports Reports
It helps in generating the reports on customers, invoices, payments. Customer section includes the details of the customer like name, email, address, phone, total no. of customer, plan, report date etc.


A/R overview include details such as Invoiced Received Outstanding Bad Debt # Invoices

Invoice Summary include # Invoices, Invoiced, Owed

Invoice Aging include # Invoices, Average Age, Invoiced, Owed

Outstanding invoices, Past due invoices include # Invoices, Invoiced, Owed

Bad debt includes # Invoices Invoiced Bad Debt

Payment Section generates report of two parameters i.e. payments received and taxes collected

Payments Received include # Payments Received, Fees, Net

Taxes Collected include the amount.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the tool doesn’t offer mobile apps.


Currently, the tool doesn’t integrate with other channels.


Invoiced provides support via Email and Live chat.

Pros and Cons of Invoiced


  • Helps in setting up automatic billing
  • Both free and premium Invoice generator available.


  • Costlier for small freelance business to some extent


The key point that differentiates Invoiced from other tools is that the designed invoice ensures that client receives invoices through email in a timely manner. It provides options to pay online instantly. If the invoice has not been received then an alert is sent to the business so that they can take necessary actions.

For more details, please visit: Invoiced website.

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