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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Whiteboard

Collaboration-Tools-Product-review-whiteboardWorking in a fast paced company is not an easy task to accomplish. There are more than one tasks to get through during a single day for each employee. At the same time personal life’s works are also to be taken care of. Balancing between these two is crucial and also critical.

Keeping this management trouble in mind, an app is produced which will help you out in day to day activities.  Whiteboard, which is not really white is a colorful app which will record your doings and to-do list so that you can manage your work efficiently in “not so hurry” but smooth manner, tracking each to-do.


Editions and Pricing

Plan Price/month Features
Free $0 Unlimited workspace, 1 shared workspace
Pro $2 (billed annually) Basic features, 2gb file storage
Shared $20 (billed annually) or

$25 (billed monthly)

Pro features, unlimited workspace, 50GB file storage

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

whiteboard_simple_interfaceSimple Interface
The tool has a sober interface to facilitate required tasks with a few clicks. The user will be able to follow operations through one window. This tray contains everything.



whiteboard_less_time_consumingLess Time Consuming
Timing to complete a to-do is given there which saves the time of the user to decide over it and also can be intimated by reminders provided (not in the free plan).



The app shows the option to view the to-do list and activities made by the user in a consolidated manner, in the same interface by reducing complexity on the screen.



Every activity of the user is automatically saved from the very first creation of to-do itself. After events, modifications, sharing, setting of to-dos, all are recorded which is available and can be viewed by the activity option in the series pattern.



The workspaces, to-dos are allowed to share with anyone by making him/her the member of the workspace. The free and pro versions allow only 1 shared workplace and with unlimited members, whereas to share more than one workspace the user need to have the Share plan. It especially can be used in big companies to manage tasks amongst the teams.


Mobile Accessibility

Whiteboard app has both accessibility, web based and mobile based too.


It doesn’t provide integration with any other app.


There is supporting documentation present with steps from basic to advance. Another way to get the keys of queries is user can tweet or email.

Pros and Cons of Whiteboard


  • Easy to negotiate smaller goals of a day, a week or a month.
  • Every to- do is in one place, resulting in placing focus on one after one.
  • Collaboration with other members updates the task and also helps to finish it fast.


  • Features for basic version are quite less.
  • The option of only file uploading is there, no option of direct link is present in the app.


Whiteboard has features to manage the tasks better by reminders and communicating with others along with the running work. It provides a collaborative environment to make to-dos of office and personal work as well, that too with privacy using passwords. An app to achieve per day goal and then transforming it into a habit for fluent workflow.

For more details, please visit: Whiteboard website.

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