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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review – PACT scheme

Accounting-Tools-Product-review-PACTschemaSmall and medium businesses play a key role in the economy and enhance benefits to the organizations. The major problem they face is with their credits and debts control. They feel helpless when it comes to accounting and monitoring cashflow and get frustrated due to late payments or non-payments.

Pact scheme a small business accounting software provides a solution for improving poor cashflow and preventing late payments. The tool is also helpful to maintain a professional relationship with other businesses. You can build a case for debtors and follow them for the payments.


Editions and Pricing

PACT scheme has single edition and pricing model is scalable as you can pay monthly or yearly basis. The cost is £10 per month and £89 per annum for the tool and VAT is not included. The tool is pretty affordable for small business.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool offers easy to understand dashboard where you can get all the reports of payments and activities.



The tool offers all in one debtor page where it allows you to monitor multiple cases and due date. It gives you facility to list down the debtors with details.


product_review_pact_scheme_case_buildingCase Building
You can create, pause or launch the case of individual debtors. It allows you to build a case and list them. You can upload details as well.



With invoice facility, you can send emails to notify your debtor for the payments anytime you want. The invoices are the best way to let the debtor know the payment details and results if they fail to pay before the due date.
The tool gives you the facility to add company name and other information automatically to the It shows the company name as they don’t meet the payment due date.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not offer mobile apps.


The tool does not integrate with other tools.


The tool supports via FAQs and Emails.

Pros and Cons of PACTscheme


  • User friendly interface.
  • Facility to add your own company logo to invoices.
  • Easy to understand and beneficial for relationship with the customers.


  • Except invoice, it is not featured with the must have features for accounting.
  • Non-availability of free trial.

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PACT scheme is one of its own kind of tool. It provides better monitoring and control over cashflow. The stand out features are invoices and case building. You can pause or launch a case, attach files and comments with the case. The tool enables you to upload information of debtors by drag and drop facility. Small businesses easily can decide when to upload a company’s information with overdue date. The business owners get the complete power to make a debtor to

For more details, please visit: PACTscheme website.

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