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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review – ProperInvoice


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Invoices a small business accounting software are vital to the company’s account and growth. While they are not a fun task but a necessary one certainly. Invoices keep your clients well informed of your projections, which in return get you paid by the clients efficiently. Proper invoices a top accounting tool are crucial to getting you paid punctually and hassle free.

Create prim and proper invoices using ProperInvoice. It is built aiming freelancers, startups, and SMBs. They can easily create and track invoices, quotes, expenses, online payments and much more with the app. The app completes your invoice’s task in less than two minutes giving you a perfect email template to send to your clients. With ProperInvoice, seamlessly analyze the expenses, monitor financial metrics of business, and make suitable decisions, faster.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing
Starter $0
Professional $4.99
SmallBiz $9.99

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Create invoices easily by filling up the transparent information associated with a targeted client. Use ProperInvoices’ pre-built template for your invoice and get the desired framework. Send them across in no time. By default the created invoices are drafts, but you can make changes as per your requirement such as edit, send, mark as paid, copy and resend the sent one. Track open and overdue invoices.


Get information and growth chart of each asset of your business in a clear and crisp nutshell view via the Dashboard. Monitor your business performance by viewing overdue invoices, recent transactions, per month sales, revenue, profit-loss and a lot in real-time.



Send invoices attaching with emails for new or overdue invoices. Provide the link to view invoices and make an online payment, in the email for client’s quick access. Set and send reminders, receipts with them for clients knowledge. Get email notification about which client viewed your invoice.



ProperInvoice_Quotes_to_InvoicesQuotes to Invoices
The app offers the feature of sending quotes to the customer from available quote templates. In one click convert these quotes into invoices because fast delivery gets you quickly paid.



ProperInvoice_Track_Recurring_Expenses_AutomaticallyTrack Recurring Expenses Automatically
With ProperInvoice, track complete usage of each penny. Deliver expense’s data with a recurring option for regular reminding. Know insights through income v/s expenses metrics and make correct use of it for further plans.



Mobile Accessibility

ProperInvoice has mobile apps as well, find the apps suitable for your mobile platform.


The app offers integration with two apps- PayPal and Stripe.


The app has Help center from where a user can understand it better. Other than that send emails to the team for issues’ solutions.

Pros and Cons of ProperInvoice


  • Allows a user to accept/decline online quotes.
  • Attach any type of Expenses attachments.
  • Offers direct client portal link.
  • Transacts in multiple currencies.
  • Data import and export options are available.


  • Slow working of the app.
  • Some features are not working.
  • Poor back end functionality.

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Get personalized invoices and invoices emails faster with ProperInvoice. It efficiently tracks all the assets and offers a crisp report on all of them. It automatically fetches data while invoice creation and manages your Master data cleverly. With ProperInvoice save a lot of your time and take data based smart decisions.

For more details, please visit ProperInvoice website

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