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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Business intelligence Tools Product Review- Neatly

BI Tools Product review- neatly.ioBusiness Intelligence has taken a new form with technology covering almost everything under its enormous umbrella. Efficient and effective BI tools are one of the top priorities a business considers. Many BI tools may be adopted by small and medium businesses helping them taking better and informed decisions.

Neatly is one of best business intelligence tools for small business of such amazing solution that integrates with over 45 other applications to pull in data and insights to keep you updated about your business processes. The tool makes it a lot easier for you to access data and insights right inside your customized dashboards helping you to make more informed decisions as you proceed.

Editions and Pricing

The product has pricing plans according to yearly and monthly basis. Also, the tool offers a free trial plan with unlimited users and three integrations

Pay Monthly

Business £9.99 per month per company 10 Integrations
Professional £19.99 per month per company 20 Integrations
Unlimited £49.99 per month per company Unlimited Integrations

Pay Annually

Business £99.99 billed annually per company 10 Integrations
Professional £199.99 99 billed annually per company 20 Integrations
Unlimited £499.99 99 billed annually per company Unlimited Integrations

Other than these editions, the tool also offers tailored versions that can work out for the business in the best possible manner.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool provides a well-organized dashboard that can give access to all the features of Neatly. A user can customize the panel as per needs and requirements.



Neatly-CreateYourCompanyCreate Company
With the create group option, you can create your company profile into the Neatly tool.




Neatly-ConnectProvidersConnect Providers
Through these features, you can connect to many service providers and social channels. Integrate you profile with these applications and make it work more powerfully.




Neatly-AccessDataAndIsightsQuicklyAccess Data and Insights Quickly
As soon as you complete your profile for a company, you can add tiles for specific platforms and monitor activity through them. The company profile you created creates a new customized dashboard dedicated to your business. You can use filters on the basis of time.  You can also export the reports to PDF for future reference.


Neatly-NewDashboardThe New Dashboard
You can create your customized dashboards and switch between these dashboards once you create. These panels are available to access from the master panel.


Mobile Accessibility

The app is available for mobile devices as well. Now you can download and install the Neatly app right inside your iOS or Android mobile device and use it on the go.


Being an efficient BI tool Neatly integrates with many external tools such as Amazon Seller Control, Aweber, Bigcommerce, Bitly, Buffer, Campaign Monitor, Capsule, Chargify, ChartMogul, Constant Contact, Etsy, and Eventbrite. It also integrates with social channels like Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Neatly also provide combinations with Google products like Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. It can also integrate with freshdesk, QuickBooks, Woo Commerce, Paypal and many more.


The tool offers a robust support system for all its users. The Support page o the website provides instructions and assistance for all the issues a user may probably face using the product.

The tool also has an online chat option for an instant help right inside the dashboard.

Pros and Cons of Neatly


  • Over 45 integrations leave no room for the inconvenience for combinations or data pulling issues.
  • Tailored editions can help business offering the best features in the best possible manner.
  • A user can work easily with customized dashboards


  • Multiple panels can create confusions for the users.

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  • Multiple dashboards.
  • Integrations to over 45 external tools.

For more details, please visit Neatly website.

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