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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Online Invoices: Quick & Easy Online Billing & Accounting Software

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The most tedious and monotonous task in business is bookkeeping and managing invoices. The job of managing financial affairs such as maintaining bills and payments records actually hectic. However, we are lucky enough to have born in the technology age, where advanced software and tools manage all our jobs while we concentrate on our core business. Here, we are discussing one such human-friendly accounting software which controls all the financial functions of the firm freeing the user from the fiscal responsibilities. Online Invoices is one such online tool that efficiently manages sales, invoices, accounting, tax calculation and much more. Thus, it is a one-stop solution for all accounting needs. The specs about the software are as follows.

Editions And Pricing

The tool offers an extensive pricing list to accommodate user needs.

Free $0.00 ·         15 Clients

·         15 Invoices per month

·         7 Subscriptions per month

Silver $9.95 per month ·         300 Clients per month

·         300 Invoices per month

·         30 Subscriptions per month

Gold $19.95 per month ·         2500 Clients per month

·         1000 Invoices per month

·         50 Subscriptions per month

Platinum $39.95 ·         Unlimited clients per month

·         Unlimited Invoices per month

·         Unlimited Subscriptions per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dashboard: Online Invoices_Dashboard

The first screen that appears after login is the Dashboard. It gives summarized information about all the financial happenings of the firm. It displays a graph depicting data about the number of paid and unpaid invoices. Furthermore, the payment details are also highlighted in a graphical format. Moreover, the user can see all the recent happenings of the firm, be it the latest emails, invoices, or any other organizational activity.

Invoices and Estimates :
Online Invoices_invoices and estimates

The name of the tool is evident of the fact that invoicing is the primary function of this online tool. It helps the organization with creating and sending invoices. It takes input from the user in the form of client name and other product details and automatically generates invoices and estimates. The tool allows the user to send emails using the CTA buttons directly. Recurring invoices also get created as per the frequency of sale. Once the payment gets made, the user can update the payment status and get a financial situation on the dashboard.

Online Invoices_clients

The organizations can fill in all the information about the clients using this option of the tool. All the customers’ details get filled and updated which helps the firm to generate invoices in their name quickly. Using this client details invoices, estimates, and statements financial management of the organization becomes simple.

Online Invoices_products

Product options help the user to incorporate all the business products into this tool. These goods and services entered later assist in the creation of invoices and estimates. An additional feature of the tool is that user can create a client price group. For instance, the company wishes to give a discount to its elite client then a group can be formed and accordingly product price could be decided.

Online Invoices_templates

The tool allows customization of invoices, estimates, and emails with its templates option. The layout option helps the users to select a particular invoice template to make changes to it as per the organizational needs. For instance, some new information may get incorporated into the otherwise fixed template using this feature. Additionally, the terms and conditions of the firm can be set per the requirements.

Settings: Online Invoices_Settings

Under the Settings option, the user can setup all the account settings. It involves filling in information about the organization, be it SMTP settings, payment options permitted by the firm, and other tax related information. This information supports efficient accounting and financial management.

Online Invoices_reports

Reports give statics data about the financial status of the firm in a particular instance of time. The user can select to see the weekly, monthly, and yearly data using this option of the tool. The reports are in the form of graphs and numbers helping users to understand the financial growth of the firm.

Mobile Accessibility

Android and iOS applications for Online Invoice is not available.


Online Invoice has payment integrations with PayPal.

Pros and Cons of Online Invoice


  • User-friendly
  • Easy invoicing
  • Tax calculation
  • Quick emailing
  • Integrated payment method
  • Customizable Layouts


  • A mobile application for the same would have been an added advantage.


The integrated payment feature and emailing option makes the tools outstand other invoicing tools. It’s efficient tax calculation, and templates make its implementation easy. We have touched all the functionalities of the tool in this review.

For more details, please visit the Online Invoices website.

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