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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Product Review- SwayChat

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SwayChat lets you stay connected with your customers in real-time.This can your ideal communication partner helping you to keep yourself engaged with your website visitors. Keeping you informed about the detailed insights about the people that might be interested in your business, this can help your business grow. Powerful team management and analytics features lets you work more efficiently.

Editions and Pricing

SwayChat offers a 90 day free trial to all its users. Paid plans include:

Starter Standard Platinum
$0 per agent per month $8 per agent per month $15 per agent per month
Free Billed Annually Billed Annually
Free $10 per agent per month billed monthly $19 per agent per month billed monthly

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The Dashboard: This is probably the first place the application directs you to. This place gives a direct access to the messages, analytics, transcripts, widgets, and agents. Being a beginner, you can add a Swaychat widget, customize it, add agents, and start chatting right from the dashboard.

Messages: This feature displays all your messages. The different tabs under New, Active and Closed lets you easily navigate between messages. The right side of the screen displays all the active chats you have. This feature can be accessed directly from the dashboard.

Analytics: The analytics feature lets you generate reports as you go. This feature keeps on the track and helps you make informed decisions.

Working With Agents: You can start adding agents and teams as soon as you sign up. The overview section displays all the agents that are active, invited, and suspended. You can also add agents. Teams are also available here. The team you created also is visible in the list. The application also allows you to create new teams by clicking on the “+Add Team” icon.

Visitor Information: To provide a firm support to your customers, the application offers all the information that you need. Although the app is simple to use and feels like a standard app, it is quite a powerful tool to use.

External Integrations

SwayChat seamlessly integrates with Slack to pull in your messages.

Mobile Accessibility

SwayChat has been designed to work on multiple gadgets and devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktop. The applications lets you communicate anywhere on the go.


  • Online Live Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • A Help Centre

Pros and Cons


  • Customizable communication application can be modified as the way you want.
  • Multi chat management capabilities.


  • The application can be complicated to be used by native users.

Key Differentiators

  • Transferrable chats.
  • Visitor Flow tracking
  • View visitor information

For more details, please visit the SwayChat website.

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