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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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10 Social Networking Add-Ons for Firefox

Staying connected on social platforms is one of the critical areas every business wishes to win over. Although it is an integral part of the business activity, you really do not need a dedicated browser for that. For this, here we have 10 Social Networking Add-Ons for the Firefox browser.

The Facebook Toolbar

World’s largest social networking website, Facebook provides a direct access toolbar to the Firefox browser. The Facebook Toolbar Firefox add-on consists of a Facebook search bar, and a Quick Links menu. This menu helps you directly access your profile, your friends, message inbox, Pictures, Notes, and many more.


HootBar adds a set of two buttons to your browser. The HootBar Firefox add on is a convenient tool that helps you tweet from your browser’s address bar. The first button on the browser is a little Twitter bird and a Hootlet button. If you want to update your Twitter account, you just need to type your tweet into the address bar and click the Twitter bird button.

Twitter Search

The Twitter Search Firefox add-on is a highly useful tool when you only want to know what’s going on with a specific person or a specific hashtag. The tool lets you easily look up Twitter users and hashtags.

LinkedIn Companion

This toolbar is pretty much helpful when you are looking for a job or hiring a resource. This add on adds a simple toolbar to your browser with two buttons: One is the Share on LinkedIn button and a regular LinkedIn button. The regular button has a drop-down menu giving you options that helps you connect with the social platform to search business and people.


This add on only adds a small button on the top left side of your browser. This tiny button is a perfect way to connect to all the social networking account you wish to access. You only need to click on the Sharoholic button to share on the channel you wish to share a post or a page.


This tool is powerful enough to manage multiple social networks. The add-on adds a sidebar that is hidable to your browser that is capable to carry out multiple tasks. The tool integrates your different social network’s status into a single stream and at once. The tool currently supports Facebook, AIM, Friendfeed, Foursquare, Linkedin, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace, Flickr, and YouTube.


Also being one of the social channels, StumbleUpon is a place to connect to other sites. It not only lets you “stumble” and rate pages, but also gives you buttons to share pages with other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter along with emails.

TinyURL Generator

As the name suggests, the tool is capable to generate short links. This works best when you wish to share something within the strict 140 character constraint that Twitter has. The add-on adds a small link button to the lower right corner of your browser.


This is a completely different way to share your content on the web. The tool is a social network and sharing system itself. The tool also connects with Facebook and Twitter to share posts. The tool lets you curate trees or “the pearl webs”. These are dynamic connections letting you add, remove and recommend pearls. Pearls here refers to the links you find on the web.

Google + Manager

The coming social networking site for Google yet does not have a dedicated toolbar for the Firefox browser. Yet the Google + Manager Firefox add-on does bring some handy things with it. The add-on adds a small button to the Google pages. This button, in turn, has a drop-down menu that has all the links you need. Now you can directly go to your Google+ profile, albums, photos, settings and circles, and much more.

 All these tools help you save a lot of time and effort making social networking a game of clicks. These add-ons help you keep updated with the social channels without additional efforts.

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