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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top Accounting Tool Product Review: Expensify

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Expensify is a very innovative and essential top accounting tool that is used to track your daily expenses and keep a track record of every penny. Expensify is very easy to use and has all the advanced tools to help you monitor where you spend money. It gives the privilege of tracking both individual expenses and money spend when in a group.

Editions & Pricing

Package name Price ($) Duration Facilities
Track 4.99 1 month ·         Unlimited SmartScans

·         Automatic mileage tracking

·         Store receipts indefinitely

Submit 4.99 1 month ·         Unlimited SmartScans

·         Automatic mileage tracking

·         Easily submit expense reports for reimbursement

Collect 5.00 1 month ·         Unlimited SmartScans

·         Auto-categorize expenses

·         Auto-export to accounting software

Control 9.00 1 month ·         Everything in Collect, plus

·         Corporate card management

·         Powerful reconciliation functionality

Expensify is a very interactive and creative tool to manage all the expenses of a user. Users can make a free account at first and test some of its functionalities for a period of time. There are many features like uploading a receipt image and also generating timely reports as and when required.

When the user logs into the Expensify account a dashboard containing multiple links is visible on the screen and then the user can navigate through them.

Inbox: Here the user will get the latest updates and notifications of all the receipts. This acts just the same as a mailbox where all the messages come at a single place and can be viewed by the user at any time.

Expense: This is one of the features of Expensify where the user can input the essential details of the bill generated. User can also upload a copy of them along with the details which will be saved in the Expensify account. Users can select the type of bill and enter the details accordingly. If there is more than one bill then multiple sections can be selected to input any number of bills generated.

Reports: In this section, the user can generate, save and delete reports. The report can also be exported to the user’s personal computer in .csv format. There are many options like add images, comments on the report, etc. which are very useful and interactive.

Add Cards: In the settings sections, there is a subcategory of credit card import where there is an additional facility to add the details of the user’s credit or debit cards. This will help the user to surf through all the transactions made while shopping etc. and match the billing details in the Expensify reports.

Preferences: Under the settings tab there is a sub-tab known as the preferences tab which is very helpful for the user. This feature allows the user to set the preferences according to the user’s needs. In this section, the user can alter the unit and also the type of the file format in which the report needs to be exported.


The support section of Expensify is the best among other options available in the market. The user has multiple options like read online about it, send the community a message or chat directly with the customer care support which gives instantly reply.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is currently available on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The Expensify tool supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Pros and Cons


  • Interactive reporting can be done.
  • Reports can be exported in multiple formats
  • SmartScans make it easy to upload bills
  • Autosave bill is the best feature


  • UI/UX needs to be updated.
  • The user needs more simplification of data to understand.
  • Filtration options should be provided.


  • Gives quick and best optimization tools.
  • Best interactive report making.
  • The best tool available in the market to monitor all expenses.

For more details, please visit the Expensify website.

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