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Monday , April 15 2024

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Accounting Tools Product Review- Sage One

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It is usual that you get stuck in accounting with a piece of paper and a pen, you take a software for help but still it has limitations. Then why don’t you select an online tool to do messy accounting? That offers exceptional features for ease of use to you and your clients. Sage One is one of top accounting software for small medium business also a pioneer online accounting tool which does all basic accounting tasks plus collaboration and much more. The tool aims at freelancers, startups, and small business. It is extensively featured with invoice templates, bank integration, prepared statements, etc. It is simple to understand and access.

Editions and Pricing

Sage One caters a couple of editions- Sage One invoicing is for 1 admin user costs $9/month and Sage One standard online is for 2 admin users that cost $7/month. The free trial limit is 15 days. The tool sometimes offers discounts on products.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

SageOne-Online_AccountingOnline Accounting
The tool gives small business owners an easier way to run their business.It connects accounting, invoicing, project task, and time tracking all in one place.

SageOne-ReportsDashboard and Reports
The business dashboard gives you a view of activities from a single page. The tool lets you know what your team is up to and which areas need immediate attention. It enables you to get automated reports like profit and loss reports, balance sheets, and aged invoice listings with a single click. Awesome!



SageOne-Banking_PaymentOnline Banking and Payments
The tool allows you to link your bank accounts with Sage One online that sync your income and expenses with transactions securely. It also enables you to make payment directly from the tool. It accepts online payments through Sage Payment Solutions or PayPal. Safe move!


Alerts and Reminders
You can set alerts for the payment from clients and get to know what’s been paid and what is overdue. You also can set a reminder for sending invoices and scheduling. The great thing is that you can send email reminders on overdue invoices.



SageOne-CollaborationThe tool makes sharing and collaborating easier. You can invite anyone to work with you, assign tasks, share files and status updates. They don’t even need an account to view and comment on files. The tool allows unlimited users. Most brilliant feature I’ve ever seen!

Mobile Accessibility

Sage One apps are available in both iOS and android store. The mobile interface of the tool is not that good for it is optimized for iPad, Mac, and Windows. You have to use a mobile web browser for better access from mobile.Still, you can get all the updates from any device anytime, all you need to have is internet access.


Sage One integrates with third party apps like other tools do. For the secure payment gateway, it is integrated with PayPal. Other apps are connected with the tool via Add-ons. Such apps are Google Drive, Commusoft, Sage Pay, Kwanji, Receipt bank, Suntico, Manu online etc.


Sage One tool provides support via phone, chat, email, help center, Videos, and community. The best thing about the tool is that it gives support from FAQs that are commonly asked queries. The tool supports users from the way they want to get it. Good support!

Pros and Cons of Sage One


  • The tool is always up to date, encrypted and secured.
  • It keeps backup for user.
  • Collaboration and payment processing are good to use.
  • Ability to invoice in multi-currencies.


  • The tool is designed for freelancers and startups, not for enterprise level business.
  • Mobile apps are not well optimized.

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This simple looking tool has all must-have features bundled with it. Sage One differentiates itself from others by its collaboration, project tracking, payment processing, and flexible facilities.

Unlike other tools, it is not complex to use and does not have clutter. It is easy to understand and smooth to execute. You can customize the tool for your business requirements. You can take one template, change the logo and brand color and send it to the client as an invoice which has a payment link too. The tool is too awesome to work on.

What to do if you don’t know accounting? Not a big deal. Sage One is tailored in such a way that anybody can use it easily. Tasks such as creating invoice, link with the bank, tracking income, expense and taxation can be completed by the tool effortlessly. It keeps an eye on cash flow as well. If you are a startup, Sage One will change the way you run business with ease. The tool helps you to save time and off course money.

For more details, please visit: Sage One website.

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