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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Top 10 Conferencing tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Top-10-Conferencing-Tools-for-small-and-medium-businessAre you one of such professionals who have to travel a thousand miles for demonstrating presentations? Are you the one having a small or medium business and trying to reach out more clients, no matter what their location is? If yes, then technology has brought a revolutionized way to meet people. Now you don’t need to imagine and think about ‘is it possible?’. VoIP and web conference are the solution for your difficulties and there is a huge list of such software tools that help you to meet online from anywhere.

‘Time is money’ and ‘Customer is king’ are thumb rules primarily for small and medium sized business. Thus, conference tools are based on your business demands and the end user’s convenience. The tools save your time and travel cost. You can schedule a meeting, add a presentation, use visuals and animation, share files as well as your desktop screen and interact face to face and much more. Such tools boast technically best features to make the meetings more productive and an outstanding experience. Certainly, the way you do conference within a team or with clients increases efficiency.

Besides all benefits, a conference can be used for training a new employee and remote support to end customers. You can record a meeting and use it for multipurpose.

Which conferencing tool would be the best for your business? The question is simple, but to answer is tough since many software’s are available in the competitive environment. It depends on specific demands of your business that which would be the best. However, the tools are categorized on the basis of some key features such as user’s capacity, audio and video quality, recording, screen sharing, collaboration, mobility support, and security. Pricing is taken into account for analysis, too.


Product Details
Conferencing_GoToMeeting_logo GoToMeeting is a web conference service provided by Citrix. It is so professional and simple to use that any business can work with it seamlessly. A free trial is for 30 days thereafter one will not even think about switching. Decent service!
 Conferencing_cisco_webex_logo WebEX provides more users capacity to collaborate with each other and to induce meetings more productive. The service is available on mobile also.
 Conferencing_skype_logo Skype is well-known and most popular service integrated with Microsoft apps. The service is cool when set up the conference. Paid version is suitable for business use
 Conferencing_adobe_connect_logo Adobe Connect is a web-based service better suited for small business. Its stand out features are commendable and services are reliable. One can give a try for 30 days free of cost.
 Conferencing_fuze_meeting_logo Fuze meeting is widely used service in business class. HD video streaming and VoIP are catchy features. Free trial available for 30 days for up to 3 participants.
 Conferencing_google_hangout_logo Google Hangout is tightly integrated with Google apps. It allows users to make a voice call, video call and instant messaging. Free to use, but no desktop sharing and collaboration.
 Conferencing_anymeeting_logo AnyMeeting is the best conference service for business class for its built-in VoIP and presentation sharing capabilities. The service seems very fast and strongly integrated with other apps.
 Conferencing_teamviewer_logo TeamViewer provides better exposure to users for remote support and online meetings. It allows up to 25 users simultaneously work on projects. It offers great usability and availability on mobile.
 Conferencing_clickmeeting_logo ClickMeeting has all the must-have features for a conference as a convenience for all sized business. It’s been used by various enterprises. The drawback is it does not provide mobile support.
 Conferencing_mikogo_logo Mikogo is the web-based conferencing service tailored to meet business presentation requirements. The service is very fast and easy to use.

We have further shortlisted the Top 3 out of Top 10 Conferencing tools for Small and Medium Businesses.

You can find the detailed Conferencing tools product reviews for GoToMeetingCisco WebEx, and Skype.


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