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Friday , April 19 2024

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BI Tools Product review- TIBCO Spotfire

BI Tools Product review- TIBCO SpotfireYou can see Top 10 BI Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 BI Tools to look into details.

Spotfire from Tibco is a business analytics tool or enterprise based, business intelligence and analytics solution having deep technical roots. The tool successfully combines advanced analytics with an easy-to-use interface with extensive dashboards, data analytics, data visualization and KPI push to mobile devices. The tool enables users to start their analysis small and simple and can later expand to sophisticated capabilities.

Complementing existing business intelligence and reporting tools, Tibco Spotfire lets the business grow with high-end data analysis. Spotfire keeps the total cost of ownership low, allowing you to build once and publish to hundreds and thousands of users over the internal and external network as a PDF or MS PowerPoint report.

Editions and Pricing

The Tibco Spotfire software tool is available for 30 days free trial and is available in three versions, i.e. for Desktop, Tibco Spotfire Cloud, and Tibco Spotfire Platform.

  1. TIBCO Spotfire Cloud: $200 Monthly and $2,000 Annual (with 1 authoring seat, 5 consumer seats, credit card, purchase order, and 250 GB storage)
  1. TIBCO Spotfire Desktop: $1,999 Perpetual License (with 1 authoring seat)
  1. TIBCO Spotfire Platform: subscription, perpetual and term licenses on-demand.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

BI_Tibco_data_panelData Panel
The new data panel in Spotfire 7 streamlines how you find, filter and organize data in your analytics workplace. This feature searches the data you are looking for and organize it by type (i.e. number, time, category and location), rename or delete columns, keep a track filters. The feature of data panel that can be found both in the Business Author web client and in the Analyst desktop client.



BI_Tibco_share_and_collaborateShare and Collaborate
One of the top features of Tibco Spotfire is its ability to share reports and other BI Analysis results quickly and efficiently with other users. You can share files with your fellow colleagues or request them to add comments in regards to any file or report.



Easy Category groupingBI_Tibco_easy_category_grouping
Spotfire enables you to quickly group and analyze your data. The tool directly can group data within the visualization. You can create new and more powerful groups while exploring the data. These capabilities cause no delays in finding your insights without making changes in your data source or spreadsheets.



Automated GuidanceBI_Tibco_Automated_Guidance
Recommendations wizard provides a fast and interactive jump-start into data analytics driven by its embedded expertise. Spotfire guides you in making best practice visualization choices, enabling even newcomers to start their analysis in a few seconds quickly and easily.




Quick Configurations in Business Author
A new feature is introduced in the Business Author web client in order to make it faster and easier in configuring visualizations. To quickly make changes in the look or feel of a visualization, you don’t have to refer to the properties, instead just drag and drop items from the data panel into the visualization or make a single left click on either the x or the y-axis.


BI_Tibco_mark_from_legendMark from Legend
Mark elements on your visualizations with Tibco Spotfire just by clicking on the categories on the legend. This is especially useful in plots having a number of graphical elements, letting you compare the marked category. Mark for legend works for the color and shape axis for categorizing and binned columns.




Create Map Visualization
Tibco Spotfire enables you to create maps visualizations in Business Author web client. You can select to create map charts with either one marker layer or one feature layer. Although it is not a basic logical functionality of the BI tool, the dark color scheme, giving the user to choose between the traditional “Light” color scheme and the “Dark” one


Mobile Accessibility

Users can access this BI tool from any mobile device through iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows Phones. Customized data and KPI’s can be easily accessed and also can be shared with other team members and business partners. The framework also supports comments on the data from the users. Apple iPad users are truly able to use Tibco Spotfire and experience mobile BI with latest versions of Silver Spotfire. Tibco dashboards are available on smartphones, however, small screens of Blackberry, Android or iPhone limits data interaction.


Tibco Spotfire powerfully integrates with Social networks, like Twitter and other third-party software applications such as Analytics Implementation, Architectural Services, Migration services, Predictive Analytics Implementation etc.


The Tibco SupportCentral portal provides powerful Technical Support, knowledge base, articles, case studies, data sheets, videos, webcasts, white papers, and demo gallery. You can also submit requests to fix issues or product enhancements. You can also join Spotfire community forums for users to communicate with other Spotfire users.

Pros and Cons of TIBCO Spotfire


  • Quick report generation from large quantities of data
  • Ability to work with data sets having different formats- unnecessary SQL queries are not required.
  • A variety of visualizations- pie charts, line graphs, heat maps, cross bars.
  • Spotfire has the ability to leverage R script.


  • Difficult to customize visualization
  • Although it has drilled down features, some users have encountered troubles attempting to drill down to details of certain data, specifically in the subtotal section.
  • Software tool needs stability improvements as it has a tendency to crash.

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Key differentiators of Tibco Spotfire include capabilities for anything you need for data analysis with no downloads. The analysis information- specifically can be easily shared with anyone on the internet.

For more details, please visit: Tibco Spotfire website.

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