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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Project Management Tools Product review- Teamwork

Project-Management-Tools-Product-review-TeamworkYou can see Top 10 Project Management tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Project Management tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Teamwork is a near perfect project management tool, especially for those firms with smaller budgets and fewer resources. This tool is comprised of all of the must-have features for a project management tool that provide incredibly fast performance in exceptionally good manner. The tool increases coordination of a team and helps to execute projects in an outstanding way. The tool is easy to use and understanding.

It feels great using the same tool that is being loved by several giant enterprises like eBay, Forbes, Pepsi, Lenovo, HP, Honda, Disney etc. The way it is accessible in personal, small office and large enterprise versions very cool.

Editions and Pricing

The good thing about Teamwork editions is that they are based on the number of projects, not users. All editions are available for unlimited users. A free trial is limited for 30 days.

Personal edition offers 5 users with 1 GB storage that cost $12/MO while at $24/MO cost 15 users allowed for startup edition with 5GB space. Both of this editions works best for small size business. Other editions are listed in table below –

Editions Number of projects Storage space Cost
Small office 40 projects 20 GB $49/MO
Office 75 projects 30 GB $99/Mo
Professional 150 projects 50 GB $149/MO
Business Unlimited 400 GB $249/MO

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Project_management_Teamwork_create_milestone_facilityCreate milestone facility
While managing your task, you can see task details, break it into sub-tasks, discuss it and attach files. The remarkable feature is you can create milestones for the team.


Visualized reporting
The tool lets you see time- tracking, exProject_management_Teamwork_visualized_reportingpenses tracking and work progress reports all in a visualized manner such as Gantt charts, estimation charts, etc. Brilliant work! You can download and take them to a meeting.

You can modify tool’s settings as suited to your brand like changing colors. This tool also enables you to use the API tailored to meet your requirements. One of the exceptional features of Teamwork.


The tool does not force you to speak its own language while it allows you to make it be in your native language. It will adapt itself to you, doesn’t it sound good?


The ultimate feature that Teamwork has in its pockets is backup. It stores all project reports by itself and allows access to owner only. So, never think of losing anything on Teamwork, it has your contributions in safe.

Advanced privacy
If you are doing some private tasks and you don’t want to let others see that thing, don’t get jumbled!  The tool allows you to hide details using fancy privacy options.


Project_management_Teamwork_back_ups Project_management_Teamwork_advanced_privacy

Mobile Accessibility

Teamwork app is designed to access all needed updates from mobile. It is available on both iOS and android. The mobile app also has so catchy interface that you could never skip opening.


Teamwork has integrations with many third- party apps and tools like Xero, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, FreshBooks, google drive, outlook, OneDrive, Zapier, etc. Zapier makes easier to collaborate with other tools for Teamwork. It may be the tool you already use or are going to use Teamwork is integrated with. This software reveals great performance when it comes to email integration and risk assessment.


You can ask for support via Email, Phone and Chat from Teamwork. It allows you to get support from twitter as well, tweeting queries and answers is a very innovative way. The knowledge base is also very helpful to users.

Pros and Cons of Teamwork


  • Fast and good performance and highly intuitive. Search bar, updates, and real-time news feed facilities get the team involved in a moment.
  • The same feature can be accessed from many entry points. No matter you work from mobile or tablet, you can access and share the same thing with your team at the same moment.
  • Fancy options and a number of available templates. For new users, Teamwork seems an awesome place to work.
  • The different price model based on the projects, not on users. Large scalability from personal to business editions.


  • Integration with Outlook is not very good. Limited task import and process.
  • Dashboard page is not so useful. All the work can be done on other pages.


Teamwork’s features have capabilities to stand out from other project management tool. The way it interacts with the team and improve the workflow is elegant.

Unlike other tools, Teamwork keeps the project’s completion interesting from thought to finish. It assists you to customize in your own way to work, you don’t have to follow template format.

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