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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product review- GoToMeeting

Conferencing-Tools-Product-review- Go To MeetingYou can see Top 10 Conferencing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Conferencing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Online Services Division of Citrix Systems presents a web hosted service- GoToMeeting one of the top web conferencing tool . This tool is equipped with some simple capabilities such as instant messaging to the powerful ones such as online meeting, video conferencing, recording voice calls and desktop sharing web conferencing. It enables you to meet with other computer users, customers, colleagues or clients via the internet in real time.

Largely benefitting freelancers, Mid-sized enterprises, NonProfits, Public Administrations as well as small business owners. GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 25 people with high definition video conferencing. You can also share any application on a computer in real time with GoToMeeting.

Editions and Pricing

GoToMeeting is sold in two editions- Single user account originally called GoToMeeting Personal was launched with features such as chat, desktop sharing, and integrated audio conferencing.

Multi-user accounts originally called GoToMeeting Corporate which also included management and central administration services for teams and enterprise users.

This tool has basically divided into 3 dimensions- GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining with specific feature sets and functionalities with free trial versions available.

GoToMeeting Free 30 day trial $29.00 per month per 5 Attendees $49.00 per month per 25 Attendees $59.00 per month per 100 Attendees
GoToWebinar Free 30 day trial $109.00 per month per 100 Attendees $249.00 per month per  500 Attendees $369.oo per month per 1000 Attendees
GoToTraining Free 30 day trial $179 per month per 50 attendees and 1 Organizer seat. N/A N/A


Capabilities and Supporting Set of  Features

Conferencing_gotomeeting_instant_chatInstant chats
Instant chat lets you connect with your team members quickly and collaborate on important tasks.





HD Video Conferencing
GoToMeeting with HDFaces offers an excellent way to quickly conduct high definition meetings. Anyone with an Internet connection and a webcam can attend a high-definition group video conferencing with no additional cost. The tool has highly intuitive and user-friendly controls for the better experience. Even desktop and tablet users can share videos easily viewing up to six video streams and a shared desktop on a single screen at a time.Functions such as mute/unmute, dismiss a requested video from attendees directly from their video feeds are available for the Organizer Video Controls.


Conferencing_gotomeeting_share_your_screenShare your screen
This feature enables you to share desktop and laptop screen with the people you are talking to.





Cheaper Voice Calls
Now connect with your team anywhere, anytime with GoToMeeting.The tool enables you to make online seamless calls, attendees can join the audio via toll-free or the built-in VoIP or toll options for the audio calls. GoToMeeting allows attendees to join voice calls in real time with toll-free numbers in over 50 countries. The tool also lets you record conference calls at just a click with no extra charges.



Conferencing_gotomeeting_customize_meeting_roomsCustomize meeting rooms
GoToMeeting lets you generate a customizable virtual meeting room under the URL GoToMeet. ‘Me’ which is always available to you at a fixed web address. Participants can only enter this room if the organizer has started the meeting the conference i.e. The room owner must be present at their meeting room. The organizer sends the URL and time of the meeting to the participants of the meeting. The organizer can change the color of the “meeting room door”, he can also put a picture of himself or the company’s logo. The meeting room can be accessed anytime anywhere wherever you go.



Change Presenters
The person who is initially organizing can pass his responsibility to another attendee of the meeting, i.e. presenters can be easily changed in GoToMeeting tool, where the only attendee who joined the meeting via a desktop app can only be a presenter. The mobile app user cannot be made a presenter.



Mobile Accessibility

GoToMeeting can be easily synced with your mobile devices. The tool can be easily installed on your iPhones, iPads, Mac, Windows and Web-based mobile devices.


GoToMeeting has powerful integrations with Outlook, Office 365 suit and Salesforce.


GoToMeeting is supported by community, videos, online guides and call support.

Pros and Cons of GoToMeeting


  • Scheduling meetings are super easy, reliable and professional
  • People can be joined in online or connected on their phone


  • Slow at times.
  • Downloading and installing files for every conference can be very annoying.

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With GoToMeeting, You can create your own meeting rooms, customize meeting rooms and even can change the presenters.

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