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Friday , May 24 2024

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Conferencing Tools Product review- Cisco WebEx

Conferencing-Tools-Product-review-Cisco WebexYou can see Top 10 Conferencing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 Conferencing Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

Cisco has put its WebEx which is top conferencing tool service at the forefront of web conferencing solutions. If you slide down your finger on the list of best ever web conferencing solutions, Cisco WebEx will prominently standout out as the oldest and perhaps the most trusted services of all. With Cisco dominating the marketplace as it is, thrusts its WebEx to a point where it makes other services of its genre look detriment.

And it is not so, that WebEx has entirely got its image because of how Cisco holds the market, this product has some of the most magnificent features users require while handling such a service. Cisco has made massive investments for WebEx service like setting up the ground for 15+ datacenters to cater for WebEx’s needs along with the option of sharing screens and video. It allows up to 6 video conferencing feeds, which are more than what is required for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Moreover, Cisco WebEx does not bother its clients with irritating plugin downloads and browser add-ons. With the charges for the services being highly affordable and modest support for mobile devices, it can be concluded without dubiety that WebEx has rightly earned its crown as one of the top web conferencing services. Cisco WebEx conveys a professional presence for an enterprise along with supplying ample supplementary services. Its ability to provide high-quality webinars conjointly with an additional tool to generate money from webinars puts an additional charm to its cause.

Editions and Pricing

Cisco provides four types of web conferencing products, namely Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Cisco WebEx Event center and lastly Cisco WebEx Support Center.

Cisco WebEx Training Center is apt for those scenarios where e-training and e-learning are prominent with certification and rollouts. It also facilitates distance learning.

Cisco WebEx Event center is appropriate for organizing large scale online events like webinars, marketing and event conferences and product launches as it can add up to  1,000 attendees and even more.

Cisco WebEx Support Center is suitable for delivering customized IT support and customer service as it can scale to accommodate eight sessions concurrently with at the most five customers. It delivers all the required tools for providing personalized customer service through the internet.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center is appropriate for small and medium business alike. It allows the platform to present information and share applications. It also allows multiple participants to work on a project online. It provides a centralized space for easing the meeting process and manages the activities with the attributed information.

It is offered in three premium packages. The Premium 8 package can accommodate 8 users with $24/month or $19/month for an annual subscription. The Premium 25 package can add 25 users at a price of $49/month and $39/month for an annual subscription. The Premium 100 plan can add at the most 100 users and is available at $69/month or $49/month if you take an annual subscription.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features


Becoming a user of WebEx is very easy, all a user needs to do is fill up a credential form, but it should be kept in mind that the country selection is to be made. It allows Cisco to provide you with better access to all the resources in store. Additionally, Cisco WebEx greets you with some bonus functionalities for the first 14 days of your interaction with WebEx.After verifying your email, you can simply log into your account with your credentials.


Conferencing_cisco_webex_setting_the_profileSetting the Profile
As soon as a user logs in for the very first time, the system asks him to update the profile details and also provides an option to upload a picture to display with his profile.


Conferencing_cisco_webex_welcome_to_the_dashboardWelcome to the Dashboard
Cisco WebEx dashboard is easy to interact with, having categorically organized options and centralized control. Everything a user needs is just a single step away. Cisco WebEx also provides its users with video tour to make its clients more familiar with the functionality of the system.


Meetings Menu
Under the ‘Meetings’ menu, several options are provided to browse through the meetings already scheduled and to have a handy grasp on managing them.



The schedule option allows a user to schedule a meeting. Information like the topic, time, and attendees of the meeting are required to be filled. A user can also fill in a brief agenda of the meeting to inform the attendees of the meeting about the roles to be discussed. Besides these, there is also an option to attach files a user might require during the meeting and will be made available to all the participants of the meeting. A user can also set up a password to enhance the security of a meeting, it is optional.
If a client wishes to keep track of the ongoing meeting, he can also enable the record meeting option. And the meeting will be recorded and stored for future use.



File Menu
Conferencing_cisco_webex_files_menu1Under the files menu, there are options to upload a document that might be required for a meeting, create a folder to organize and manage the files uploaded in the system and an option to create a web document as well.



There is also a categorical demarcation of the files already existing in the system and are marked attachments, recordings, and files shared so that the user can track the progress and the origins of the files.


Contacts Menu
Under the contacts menu, a user will find 2 options. One to add a contact and the other to import the contact.Cisco WebEx also provides a chat feature that exchanges instant messages with the contacts added to your profile who are online.

Pros and Cons of WebEx


  • Dedicated data centers around the globe to ensure high-quality connection.
  • Automatic invitations to meetings.
  • Security passwords for meeting and materials.
  • Allows desktop sharing.
  • Language translation available.
  • Generate income with monetization feature.
  • Readily available customer support.


  • No integration with social media.
  • No check over controlled speaking or interruptions.
  • Picks up ambient noise with a large number of people attending the meeting simultaneously.

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Cisco Webex is the leader in the web and video conferencing services. It has four types of web conferencing products, namely Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Cisco WebEx Event Center and Cisco WebEx Support Center. It excellent features allows you to synchronize data, voice and videos easily thus allowing the industry to grow more.

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