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Friday , April 19 2024

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Virtualitics – A platform that merges Artificial Intelligence, big Data, and Virtual/Augmented Reality

Virtualitics an AI application for small business is a startup from California that deals in data analytics in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The company aims to combine powerful data visualization in VR/AR and artificial intelligence. The team then looks forward to gather insights and actionable knowledge. This knowledge is difficult to pull out from enormous and complex data. The company also claims to close a $3 million investment seed round from angel investors.

What makes this Business Different?

They say their technology is only one of its kind. This can offer a simultaneous rendering of data up to 10 dimensions. They also say this technology is capable of revealing multidimensional relationships. These relationships are present in the data that is difficult to discover in any other way.

The Inception

Virtualitics is a company that came into existence after a decade of research. This research took place at the Caltech and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Professor George Djorgovski initiated this startup who is also the founding director of Caltech’s Centre of Data-Driven Discovery. Other partners included Michael Amori who is the former Deutsche Bank managing director, Harvard MBA, and Caltech alumnus. Dr. Scott Davidoff is also one of the founders and managers of the Human Interface group at NASA’s JPL.

The Business Idea

The CEO of Virtualitics, Micheal Amori says that although visualization can reveal knowledge hidden in the data, still the traditional 2D and 3D data visualization techniques are inadequate to deal with large and complex data sets. They claim that the solution they developed can visualize as many as ten dimensions in VR/ AR. They say this can be done via a Shared Virtual Office that allows even the naïve users to identify patterns in data that can give a competitive edge to the companies.

Professor Djorgovski, who is one of the renowned astrophysicists and one of the pioneer in the uses of VR as a scientific platform says that this technology is an intrinsically well-suited platform for human perception, pattern recognition, and intuition. This also leads to insights that may be difficult or even impossible to gain using any traditional visualization techniques. The company aims to offer a natural environment for collaborative visual data exploration and data analytics.  This enables the teams of users that may be thousands of miles apart to access and share data with each other in a shared virtual space.

Virtualitics is, therefore, a data visualization company with the aim to merge Big Data, Artificial intelligence and augmented/ virtual reality to gain insights from huge and complex data sets. The data exploration technology offered by Virtualitics is suitable for the data scientists and non-expert users. The technology is also capable of revealing multidimensional relationships that is present in the data that is difficult to discover using any other way.

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