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Monday , June 24 2024

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Product Review: Determined Artificial Intelligence


Determined AI is an artificial intelligence software that serves to create extraordinary and engaging models. It is often used to prepare IoT products for the customerscreating models for training purposes, and so on.  

Determined AI adopts a practical, results-oriented approach to provide in-depth knowledge by refining the efficiency of deep learning developers. Determined AI’s integrated AutoML platform streamlines the complete in-depth learning process, from data management to model training and distributionIt is programmed to manage the diverse hardware and enhance GPU resource utilization. 

Hence the entire process of Determined AI begins with Data Acquisition and preparation, followed by Model training and evaluation and ends with Model Deployment and inference or conclusion. 

Editions and Pricing:

 Determined AI has not specified the pricing policy for this product or service

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features 

Below mentioned are some of the essential features of determined AI.

One-Click Entrance to Tensor BoardThe tool gives a single click entrance to the Tensor board for the development and experimentation of a Model. Most of the deep learning engineers or (DL) use Tensor Boards. These tolls visualize a model to debug it, optimize its code, and eventually understand it in a better way. Tensor Board helps to compare experiment metrics and analyze everything, from threatened gradients, to exactly when the model starts overfitting. Determined AI allows a user to access the Tensor Board in just one click.

Grouping Metrics for Visualization: Determined AI groups the metrics of all the trials, so as to make it easier for Deep learning engineers to compare the performance through several tests. It permits the users to visualize all the metrics in the same graph and consequently enhance their early-stage model development and experimentation. Determined AI also allows the user to visualize the parameters of the initial few trials. All he has to do is to enter the PEDL command along with the list of specific trial IDsTheentered command further details on visualizing the metrics into a user-defined hyperparameter space. The below-mentioned figure depicts the Tensor Board visuals of early stopping behavior ofadaptive search, along with fault and learning rate through multiple trials. 

Other Features of Determined AI

  • Determined AI helps in predictive analysis.
  • Operates as a virtual personal assistant (VPA) of the users.
  • Model Deployment Optimization.
  • Helps to create a seamless infrastructure.
  • Keeping a track record of various experiments conducted on the Models.
  • Automatizing any process or workflow culture.
  • Streamline the user’s deep learning workflow and
  • Proper management of the GPU Bands.

Mobile Accessibility:

The current version does not support this feature.


Determined AI being a Microsoft product, integrates with Amazon AWS machine learning, Google Cloud AI, Microsoft Azure AI, IBM Watson.


Determined AI is supported by E-mail and Demos.

Pros and Cons:


  • Deliver Quality models in less time.
  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Ensures experiment reliability by efficient scheduling and execution of experiments.
  • Provides real time metrics visualizations.
  • Optimizes model deployment in less time.


Determined AI has given a satisfactory performance as no negative reviews so far.


Some of the biggest rivals of Determined AI are Valohai and Seldon, who, like determined AI are competing in the internet software sector and systems software space. But unlike Determined AI, they generate more revenue.

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For more details, please visit the Determined AI website.

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