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Wednesday , June 26 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Teamflo

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Teamflo, as the name suggests is one of the best product management tools to work in projects. With a simple interface and powerful features, the Teamflo team is excited to take the product to the next level of excellence. Time tracking, file sharing, and real-time team management are some of the fields, the tool is dexterous in.

Editions and Pricing

The product is under the Beta version and will soon introduce the paid versions along with some exciting capabilities and features.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

teamflow-workingwiththeteamWorking with the Team
Being a Project Management platform, the very first thing the application requires you to do is, to join a team. In the case of a new account, you can create your team right away. New teams can be created by filling in simple entries for- Team name and email ids of the intended members. Once this is done, the “My Teams” screen shows all the teams with the number of members in it.

teamflow-theteamdashboardThe Team Dashboard
You can get started with your tasks within teams. The Team dashboard can be reached once a team is created with a minimum number of 2 members including you. This place displays all the tasks you have created with tags so that they can be better organized.

Teamflo allows you to create, assign and manage tasks. You can also group them by tags for easy organization. Tasks can be assigned to team members and can be tracked to get them done. New tasks can be created by clicking on the “New Task” icon from the top right corner of the team dashboard. The form requires entries such as-

  • Task Name
  • Tags
  • Task Description
  • Start and Due Date
  • Assign to Users
  • Recurrence
  • Time tracked to be Billable or non-billable

teamflow-messagingandcommentsMessaging and Comments
You can share a message to the entire team in a feed. You can also leave a comment task to stay on top what’s going on. This feature will set you free from the awaited long emails and entangled conversations. For this, you only need to type in a message in the bottom text area and start a conversation right away.

teamflow-trackingataskTracking a Task
Teamflo only lets you create and work on a task flexibly, it also gives you an overview and gives you its status. The Overview option gives information for a task including areas such as:

  • Overview
  • Details
  • Comments
  • Timesheet, and
  • Files

teamflow-workingwithfilesWorking With Files
Not only comments, Teamflo lets you add files and share them that are related to a task. You can add files right from the team dashboard or from the overview option. This will not only facilitate team workflow, it will also improve performance. In this way, you can make sure that everyone has got what they need.


  • Teamflo integrates with all your favorite tools and apps so that you can keep everything in a central place.
  • Trello is the next upgrade the team is working on.

Mobile Accessibility

Teamflo is currently unavailable on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS. However, the team is working to soon introduce the mobile version of the product.


  • Teamflo is currently working on its FAQ and other guides.
  • You can request a demo for yourself to make it familiar to use. The application is currently offering support through email.

Pros and Cons


  • Tags help to organize tasks.
  • Comments and messaging keep team members updated.


  • The application needs more support options than those provided currently.
  • The application needs more capabilities for collaboration as it is a project management platform.


  • Real time team management capabilities.
  • Efficient task management and organization using tags and timesheets.

For more details, please visit Teamflo website.

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