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Monday , April 15 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- MonkeyData

BI-Tools-Product-Review-monkeydataYou can see Top 10 BI Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 BI Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details

MonkeyData is one of the tools that can keep you updated on all your activities and social performance. Integrating powerfully with some brands and social platforms, this tool helps you measure your performance and notifies if something is to be taken care of.

Being present as Android and iOS applications, this can be a perfect Business Intelligence partner.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 14-day free trial for all the users. The other plans include monthly and yearly pricing policies.


Enterprise $999 per month
Business $161 per month
Basic $61 per month
Free $0 per month


Enterprise $799 per month
Business $129 per month
Basic $49 per month
Free $0 per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

monkeydata-globaloverviewGlobal Overview
If you have connected your MonkeyData account to any of the e-commerce websites, you have an account. The dashboard will display a summary of the number of Revenue, Orders, and Visits for the past 30 days. The drop down menu on the right corner lets choose from more options.

This screen displays a general trend of selected main metrics from sources such as:

  • Online Stores
  • Google Analytics
  • Ebay (in our case), and
  • Amazon (BETA)

monkeydata-usingfiltersUsing Filters
Filters make it easy to pull out insights about your product performance. These filters can be applied directly by choosing options from the drop-down menu from the right corner of your dashboard. The filter options you get with MonkeyData are:

  • Yesterday
  • This Week
  • Last Week
  • This Month
  • Last Month
  • Last Quarter
  • This Half Quarter
  • This Year, and
  • Last Year

monkeydata-onlinemarketingperformanceOnline Marketing Performance
Social Media Marketing is one of the important domain you wish to monitor regarding the business reach and customer engagement. You can easily track how your business performed on the social channels right from the desktop.

MonkeyData offers your social media performance through the online marketing tab from the left menu. It will display insights only from the channel your account is connected to.

monkeydata-connecttomoresourcesConnect to more sources
MonkeyData application lets you connect with more sources also displaying your present account integrations. This option also allows you to connect with further more sources than the existing ones.


The application lets you create one-off reports and regular reports. The reports can be generated by selecting the desired option. These reports contain details such as Created dates, name, period, download, frequency, and status.


Mobile Accessibility

MonkeyData is available on mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS lets you to work from anywhere.


The application integrates seamlessly with external platforms such as:

  • Shopify
  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Mailchimp
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords, and much more.


  • The application offers a short video tutorial describing the tool as soon as you register and get started with MonkeyData.
  • The application provides a demo for the application describing all the features and functionalities.
  • MonkeyData offers a dedicated Help Centre giving all the necessary information about the tool.
  • Additional support includes phone support and email support and online chat support.

Pros and Cons of MonkeyData


  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Derives insights as you need them, using business websites and social channels as you need.
  • Keeps you updated analyzing all your data and information as soon as something goes wrong.


  • The UI of the application can be improved a little.


  • Draws insights with parameters that you select- social channels and business websites.
  • Powerful and simple integrations make it flexible to use.

For more details, please visit MonkeyData website.

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