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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- RealMetrics

BI Tools Product review-RealMetrics

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Achieving goals will be beneficial when we can track the progression, the pace we are moving at. It inspires and gives us a clear illustration of where we are standing to the static parameters. To understand your business measurements in such manner, RealMetrics can help you out.

RealMetrics is a business intelligence platform that helps the user track the progress towards goals by metrics. The users can get the report of metrics in graphical mode of a picture showing the set goals versus the actual revenues generated. The app includes two parameters: Gross income per month and New customers per month, which follows the formats: Year to date view (YTD), month to date view (MTD), month-to-month chart, and month-to-month data table.

Editions and Pricing

The web app at present in the beta version and therefore is free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Track your progression in corresponding to both terms revenue and customers. Take note of your business measurements and take right steps towards successful goals. Get your metrics in tabular data form with accurate figures along with the comprehensive graphical representation.

Before tracking progress, you will need to set your business goals in the app’s target section. Setting goals are easy; all you need to do is to insert your anticipated measurements of a month along with the initial capital and percentage of growth per month.

Based on this information, the app will automatically calculate the subsequent months’ values and will represent a graph following them. Moreover, edit the goals you made any time to get a chart for new values.

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Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app is unable to access via a mobile device.


At present, it allows the integration with only one app – Stripe.


To get support, a user can email them regarding an issue or feedback.

Pros and Cons of RealMetrics


  • Solid graphical reports are presented with precise data.
  • Any time goals edit with manual data makes it a flexible app.
  • Tabular data is available.


  • Integration with more apps is needed to get more analytical data.
  • Extraction of reports is not allowed.
  • The app lacks in online support.

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The straightforward and easy interface that only demand the inputs for setting a goal to generate the equivalent reports containing actionable metrics for business targets.

For more details, please visit RealMetrics website.

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