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Sunday , July 14 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- Teacup Analytics

BI Tools Product review-Teacup Analytics

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Analytics play a huge part to track your business strategies and progress so you can manage it for better winning outcomes. Teacup Analytics app delivers promising results regarding your website’s functionality and traffic it gains.

The app helps you truly understand your site visitors with the reports it provides that involve precise analytical data from all sources. More than two dozen pre-made reports are present to save your valuable time for extracting vital insights. Use Google Analytics with this beautiful and intuitive framework to pay attention to your website.

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Editions and Pricing

The free version of the app offers first three reports. Further, at $10/month you can get unlimited access to the library including 30+ designed reports. Both versions contain:

  • Goals and action tracking
  • Annotations
  • 24/7 customer support.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Teacup_Report_LibraryReport Library
The pre-built report templates are so easy to choose and implement that it just takes a minute. Decide by yourself what data matters the most and based on that, select the suitable report. The reports are graphical as well as offer detailed tabular values over the performance of the website traffic.

A dashboard is an interface where you will find the report cards for your chosen reports. Here you will be able to track your full reports in details.


To drag suitable reports from the library consisting unlimited reports, you can use the basket. The basket is where you can keep your selected reports for later use. From this basket, you can remove reports you no longer need.


Based on the reporting data and outcome one must think to improve the falling back entities. With Achievable, you can set a goal to achieve regarding that entities. Select on what you want to work, improvement or progression; add actions to take and track performance with the success meter.

Create your classification system and the app will calculate the quality of your website’s traffic. The user can select one from three – Standard, E-commerce, and Custom.

While Standard and Ecommerce grading are constant, in custom the user can set grading system and will receive results based on those parameters.

Mobile Accessibility

Teacup does not have a mobile app, but the web app is optimized for the mobile version.


The app is unable to provide integration with any app.


For help, you can explore FAQs and for more information can send an email.

Pros and Cons of Teacup Analytics


  • No code is required for setup.
  • Create annotations wherever required.
  • Goal settings and report management.
  • Success meter to track the goal.


  • One account can hold only one website.
  • The app lacks in report sharing.


  • Pre-built report formats for analytics help a user to receive accurate reports in no time.
  • Powerful Analytics from all the channels makes it easy to find the areas that need optimization.
  • The custom grading scale for tracking success about website’s performance is an add-on.

For more details, please visit Teacup website.

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