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Sunday , July 14 2024

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How Zoomdata is Making Visual Analysis a Quick and Easy Game of Clicks

How-Zoomdata-is-Making-Visual-Analysis-a-Quick-and-Easy-Game-of-ClicksZoomdata is a San Mateo, data analytics platform capable enough to crunch big data within seconds. The company made a big move recently signing a strategic investment and technology development agreement.

It was signed with In-Q-Tel (IQT), which is one of the significant strategic investors of the U.S Intelligence Community (IC).

The Introduction

Zoomdata is the next generation data analytics and visualization system quickly allowing companies to crunch and understand data visually easily. The company claims to develop world’s fastest visual analytics solution for big data. The application uses patented data sharpening and micro query technologies to analyses data within seconds.

The application offers the government agencies an open platform. The purpose of which was to provide visual analytics across all types of data systems. The platform consists of highly secure and scalable capabilities, Zoomdata helps to make government agencies more efficient to gain actionable insights in no time using historical information also with streaming real time data sources.

The Investor

The IQT, in return for its agreement, extends the capabilities of its big data visual analytics platform to meet the unique requirements of the IC better. This partnership will surely help product capabilities expand the scope as a range of the organization’s existing federal program.

The Company CEO, Justin Langseth proudly states that they have seen the tremendous interest of Zoomdata in the federal sector. Also, he describes that the investment and the strategic development agreement with IQT will contribute the IC agencies to develop, test and deploy solutions that leverage our unique big data visual analytics capabilities in the cloud platform without negotiating on individual contracts every time.


The highly advanced features of Zoomdata are flexible to support Big Data. The Stream Processing Technology of the application delivers data feeds in real time to browsers as well as tablet based devices. The touch screen devices interact with data in real time, rewind the data, share views and compare data with their colleagues.

The next generation Big Data Analytics:

  • connect to the World in Real time
  • Built for the Big Data Revolution
  • Uses powerful but easy interface
  • Fuses data into a single experience, and
  • With Touch Generation designs

The Bottom Line

With some of the extensive data analysis capabilities, Zoomdata is a highly motivated team of experts that thrives on making data analysis an easy task. The team also takes care of the historical and advanced databases so that no gap remains unfilled.

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