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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Best HR software product review- iEmplo

HR-Tools-Product- review-iemploYou can see Top 10 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses and Top 3 HRM Tools for Small and Medium Businesses to look into details.

iEmplo is one of the best hr software & time management tool for any small medium business you will ever find for your organization. , this tool built for small and medium size organizations will surely make you time management process just a simple game of clicks.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing policy of the application depends upon the number of employees. You can change the range from 10 to 100.

Below is the pricing detail for ten employees

Annual $ 10 ($120 for a period)
Quarterly $15 ($45 for a period)
Monthly $20

The above pricing includes all taxes and increases as some employees rise. Additionally, it offers a 14- day free trial to all its users to know about its features first.

Capabilities and Supporting set of features

iemplo-addingpeopleAdding Employees
The very first thing you need to do while working with an HR tool is, to add people into it. iEmplo lets you add an employee as the initial step.

You can add people by clicking the “+” button on the top bar of the dashboard.

iemplo-timemanagementmadesinmpleTime Tracking Made Simple
The application is probably the easy and best way that guarantees easy and quick time tracking. Additionally, being present on mobile devices, the Android and iOS platform, makes it super easy to track progress anywhere, anytime.

The Time and attendance option on the dashboard will help you manage time by adding an event.

iemplo-managingtheworkscheduleManaging the Work Schedule
iEmplo lets you easily manage work schedules. The simple drag and drop interface makes this process a lot easier.

The programs option from the left panel displays a list of all the employees with their task schedules. This place also lets you add more schedule for one day.

iemplo-timeoffmanagementmadeeasyTime off Management Made easy
iEmplo provides an easy solution for time off management. The application provides flexible request submission and their revision. This also involves the online flow of documents in an organization.

Time off option is available and can be availed clicking on time off option from the left icon trey.

iemplo-delegationsmadesimpleDelegations made simple
Delegation becomes a lot easier when it is done in an automated manner. iEmplo made it simple for you to arrange and manage business trips, conduct online discussions, invite employees and storing all the files in one place.

You can create your first delegation clicking on the “+” icon on the top bar of the delegations window. Here you can assign employees to the delegations and attach files that are needed.

Mobile Accessibility

iEmplo is a tool that also works best both as the web application as well as a mobile app. Being present on the mobile devices, it makes it one of the preferred tools when you are mostly on the go. iEmplo is available as a mobile application on platforms such as Android and iOS making it accessible anywhere and anytime.


The application currently does not integrate with any other external platforms.


The application offers powerful telephone, email and chats help to resolve customer queries every day.

Pros and Cons of iEmplo


  • Helps to monitor and track unreliable employees adding up to company savings.
  • It creates reports quickly efficiently tracking time.
  • Flexible pricing policies to suit your requirements.


  • Both the web and the mobile applications are working excellent. We did not find any flaws in the platform.


  • It works even without internet connection.
  • QR code identification feature.

For more details, please visit iEmplo website.

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