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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Writing, Blogging and Social Media

10-Best-Chrome-Extensions-for-Writing,-Blogging-and-Social-MediaThe evolving world of internet has created social media marketing and blogging a full-time business. There are thousands of people who work online and have succeeded in it. Doing such activity might look like just sitting on the World Wide Web, which is a wrong assumption.

Time management plays a significant role in such occupation. But, not all are skilled enough to manage time, and thus the internet tools serve as a helping hand. The article will take you through ten useful Chrome extensions that will help you in all the possible ways.

Product Details
growth-hackers-toolkit-grammarly Everyone wants to write as correctly as possible, irrespective of the expertise on the internet. But, doing so isn’t an easy task as we have allotted time for each activity. Thus, we often make some mistake while writing without our knowledge which definitely will not go unnoticed over the internet. Grammarly can save you from such embarrassment as it is the best spell checker. Apart from rectifying the mistakes it also provides suggestions with better words that suit your context.
 stayfocused-logo Stay Focusd is for all the procrastinators out there. If you are among them, it is the best tool for you to make you focus and productive in your task. The tool helps you to fix a time you want to spend on a website. Once the time is completed, the extension will block the site for the whole day.  With the use of the tool, you will work with the time barrier in your mind and thus become more productive.
 trello-vs-wunderlist Often we make a to-do list to keep track of the work which is to be completed. Wunderlist is also a to-d-list, but it offers more than a standard to-do list. It provides ease of access and efficiency at the same place. Life becomes easier when you have a comprehensible and prioritized to-do list. Moreover, it is likely for you to forget when you get it popping up every time you open a new tab. The best part it once you set up a Wunderlist, you can sync it from any device you need.
 tumblr_lxam8hsH6k1r0ydhv Dealing with long and messy URLs have always been untidy and awful in any text of the body. The solution to the problem is the URL shorteners. There are several sites to help with such tasks, but having an extension is easy to use and less time consuming compared to the other web tools. Just like most of the extensions, this extension is very easy to use.
Evernote The bloggers, social media marketer, and those who stay research love Evernote very much. It is a very handy tool which helps you even when you work on the go. All you need to do is highlight the text or the page that you want for your future reference and Evernote will save it for you.
 logo_adblock AdBlock is one of the most used Chrome extensions as it is a very helpful extension. Kit saves the users from the pop ads that disturb us everywhere. It does not just help us to watch YouTube without interruption but also defends us from adware that is ready to steal your sensitive information. However, Adblock does not protect you completely. It can only help you to some extent. To get complete security you have to rely on an antivirus.
 tweetdeck-logo4_9htt If a solid piece of your work depends on Twitter, then TweetDeck is the right extension for you. With the tool, you can optimize your Twitter presence in all possible ways. Moreover, following hashtags and scheduling the posts will be a piece of cake. The tools also allow shortening the link.
 OneTab It is evident that we open more than five tabs while searching for something on the net. Keeping several tabs open definitely slows down the computer. OneTab will make your work easier as it will gather all your tabs in one link. You will see the list of all the URLs that you opened. Moreover, you will also have the ability to share the list with your colleagues or any other team members.
 checkmylinks Check My Links is another useful extension which checks the links in your content. It highlights the broken links with red thus allowing you to fix them. The extension saves your time for manually checking the links.
 picmonkey-logo Now, easily manage the picture for your posts with Pic Monkey. You do not have to be an expert in Photoshop to improve your pic. Even the free version is enough for you to change the look of your pictures.


There are many other useful chrome extensions, but these are very useful when it comes to social media and blogging. All the chrome extensions are simple you use and as you use them you will realize how your productivity has improved.

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