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Friday , April 19 2024

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The Top 10 LinkedIn Tools for Boosting Sales

The-Top-10-LinkedIn-Tools-for-Boosting-SalesOver the past few years, LinkedIn has become one of the most popular platforms on the internet. Connecting more than 450 million professionals in over 200 countries, it has grown to be one of the largest networks of practitioners.

It also made it one of the prominent grounds for business to generate sales.

Here we are going to discuss the top 10 LinkedIn tools to boost up your sales.

Product Details
sales-Nav-logo LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best tools to get started if you wish to boost your sales. Equipped with some of the powerful tools, it powerfully uniquely connects buyers and sellers. Advanced algorithms, sales insight capabilities, and relationship building tools make it one of the preferred tools to boost sales.
Linkedin- Small - Business LinkedIn Small Business uses a three-step approach to find a track to increase its sales. The three stages used are- Establishing the brand presence, Connecting with your audience and engaging them with content. The last one is the most critical one as this is where you share your content with your audience.
Linkedin- Plugins You can add LinkedIn Plugins into your website to use the LinkedIn functionality. Most of the business do not count them as one of the direct methods to impress sales. Some of the plugins can be- Share, Member Profile, Follow Company, and much more.
crystal-logo-e182ff2bde524f1d282896cab4a544a7f9c04eaa6a8c51d14657d3dbed4e54e4 Crystal scans and reviews a LinkedIn profile to provide feedback and detailed insights into a person’s personality. This information then makes it easy for you to communicate with the person and make a correct approach. Crystal helps you to become a better communicator and generated leads into the market.
Logo_SalesLoft_Pri SalesLoft Prospector tool powerfully integrates all your favorite tools ensuring its harmony. The tools that integrate with SalesLoft are- Owler, Crystal, RingLead, Sigstr, Datanyze, DiscoverOrg, etc.
LeadFuze-png-for-BG Having over 450 million users, it becomes difficult for most of the businesses to filter their target audience and pitch their products and services. LeadFuze, is, therefore, one of such tools that can dig up profiles and contact information for more than 200 million B2B professionals. Not only this, it sends personalized emails and follows ups to your target audience.
Outro When it comes to finding qualified leads, it becomes a great challenge to dig into the massive pool of prospects and pull out the ones you need. The outro is one such tool that can dig in potential clients from two sources- From your network, and from the Outro Community.
eLink pro eLink Pro is based on the concept of- if you visit the people’s profile, they will visit yours. Not everyone will go for this tool as it is impossible to visit millions of profiles every day, and also they are reverting or a positive review is also not guaranteed. The tools also offer automated profiles visiting option that visit 800 profiles per day for you.
salestools-io uses a unique approach where you can download an Excel sheet that contains a list of LinkedIn profiles of your prospects. Once you have the information of your leads, it then becomes extremely simple to target them by emails.
Discoverly.resized Discoverly not only lets you provide the professional information, but this powerful tool can also dig out what people are doing on social platforms too. Not only limited to LinkedIn, Discoverly also shares information from Facebook to help you make an even deeper connection gathering personality insights of your business prospects.


Talking about business growth, LinkedIn is probably the best place to connect with people on a B2B platform. These tools will surely help you grow your business on the professional front.

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