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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Wearable Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

10-Wearable-Tech-Trends-to-Watch-in-2016The year 2016 is going to encounter some fabulous trends in wearable technology. Our accessories are getting smarter, capable of doing so much more than their traditional usage. Whether it is for fashion, entertainment, physical fitness or just adding a little more convenience to our everyday activities, some innovative wearables have been designed for all purposes. Let’s have a look at some of these wearable tech trend that are likely to become part of our lives soon:



Charging Up

We are about to be able to wear clothes and accessories that can charge our smartphones.With the introduction of flexible solar panels, a number of companies have been trying to embed them in our clothing.Start-up wearable solar has designed such clothes that can charge your phone’s battery to up to 50% if worn in sunlight for about an hour. Also, Voltaic Systems have come up with bags that can power our electronics.

VR Wearables

Virtual Reality is finally ready with some unprecedented experiences in games, music, gambling, and movies. All the industries are trying to figure out ways to put this technology to use. Oculus Rift is about to arrive in full consumer version, there are others as well that come loaded with peripheral gloves, suits and much more.

Baubles and Bangles

Walk around with your personal air purifier tied on your wrist! Created by Alexandr Kostin this purifier can suck up the polluted air, filter it and recycle it back to the atmosphere.

Stress Detection

Fitbit is working on devices that can track our stress levels and monitor our everyday activities like heart-rate, galvanic skin response, sleeping patterns and combine the different biometrics to warn us if the stress level rises suggesting ways to improve it.

Wearable Payments

2016 is about to be the year of wearable payments. The infrastructure has been prepared even though it has not been put into use yet. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, MasterCard and many others are going to come up with more convenient and secure paying options for us.


New Ordeal Design, Chaotic Moon and others are developing tech tattoos that can be embed in our bodies, powered by our bodily movements and the current flowing under the skin.

Mind Reading Technology

From recording the physical patterns of our bodies, there will be devices that can detect what’s going on inside our heads too. Thync and Muse are working in that direction.

Wearable Toys

Wearable toys for kids can will be able to turn your homes or playgrounds into virtual game environments. Disney is going to launch some cool wearable toys for kids this year.


Google Life Sciences has been putting efforts to develop glucose-detecting contact lens. Google is also working towards driving technology to treat cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Life Savers

Wearable are being developed for women safety which will be able to send alarms and GPS alerts. Some cheaper sensors will be able to store medical records or warn people before a disastrous event like earthquake or flood.

The Bottom Line

Some other cool wearable trends might also arrive like smart jewelry, devices for sports coverage, swimming wearable and pet trackers etc. There’s a lot to look forward to in wearable technology this year.

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