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Friday , May 24 2024

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Social Powered Marketing and Sales

Social-powered-marketing-and-salesMarketing and sales have been one of the integral parts of a business process. Thus a perfect harmony between the two around the cash flow cycle generates huge business opportunities. Although many businesses, big and small have been slow and reluctant in the past in regards to social media, but integrating social media into the everyday work has now become important.

Loaded with highly sophisticated features, some of the marketing and sales tools now connect people socially empowering the business performances and growth. Top Marketing and sales tools such as Okta, Salesforce and Timetrade are now integrating social features into their own tools.

Okta platform can now let users login with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter by leveraging new support for OAuth and OpenID Connect. Developers of these tools are also developing widgets to integrate social channels through them so that social profiles can be pulled in a hassle- free manner. You can now seamlessly connect to people through social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more in a secure way.

Salesforce is another platform for Marketing and sales, which lets you connect and communicate with your target customer 1:1. Advances social capabilities to social channels helps you connect more effectively by sending the perfect message at the perfect time. Salesforce also allows firms to create their own communities for employees, partners and clients to collaborate and come together at one platform sharing data, information and ideas.

These tools along with Timetrade take your business’ presence to social media allowing you to take insights into people’s demography and sentiments. The social content can be easily monitored for success and public views. Even the content can be pre-built, or custom-built themes and templates for your content can be utilized.

These socially powered features of Marketing and sales tools engaged in the baseline tasks such as to schedule, confirm, cancel, reschedule or change properties of business meetings are made more effective by connecting and integrating through social channels. Not only email integration is being successful with these tools, but also the social features allows team mates, partners and clients to communicate through direct messaging and video calling without leaving the tool.

The Bottom Line

Capabilities to sync and share files are also incorporated. Now Marketing and Sales tools allows you to share files and documents across networks, start a chat and conversation threads, add collaborators to the discussions and even save these discussions for future reference. The tools lets you quickly find out what you are looking for, share it securely and even lets you subscribe to receive alerts on modifications.

With new capabilities added to highly sophisticated sales and marketing tools such as Okta which was already providing a single sign-in entry for all your office applications, adding of social networks is also one of them, as a real-time and efficient communication in business can make things in business a lot more efficient.

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