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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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10 Web apps for a Growth Hacker’s Toolkit

10-Web-apps-for-a-Growth-Hacker’s-ToolkitGrowth hackers are required to be loaded with a set of skills, including creativity, analytical thinking, ability to make quick decisions and sales skills too. But, what are the tools you’d find in a growth hacker’s toolkit? Let’s find out:




Product Details
 growth-hackers-toolkit-professor-traffic Professor Traffic is a plugin that you can integrate with Google Analytics. You can use this tool to track down the social shares that are responsible for driving traffic towards your website. You can generate reports about the links shared on different social channels like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn to find out the sources of your visitors.
 growth-hackers-toolkit-sidekick Sidekick is a useful tool to find out how your message was received by the prospect. Its free version can be plugged into your email tool, you can use it to find out when your mail was opened.
 growth-hackers-toolkit-ghostery Ghostery helps you find out what tools are tracking down your website. It also allows you to block these software even though, as a marketer, you might not be much concerned about privacy. But this tool can help you learn more about your competitors’ marketing campaigns.
 Evernote Evernote Web Clipper comes in handy when you need to have a collection of information you’d like to save for future reference. You can just clip the web pages you like and they’d be saved for future reading or research.
growth-hackers-toolkit-SEO-serp SEO SERP can be used to check the positioning of different sites according to a particular keyword. A simple and useful tool for SEO.
 growth-hackers-toolkit-datanyze Datanyze is a browser extension used for sales prospecting, collecting data and taking advantage of this data. You can use it to find an influencer’s email in case you want to ask them to write a guest post for your site. It integrates well with Salesforce.
growth-hackers-toolkit-eyedropper Eye Dropper is an open source extension for Google chrome. You can use this tool to pick a color you like from any webpage you want, it will save the color hex code for it. A handy tool for web development.
growth-hackers-toolkit-SEOWebpagetool SEO Webpage Analysis tool tool can give you SEO reports for the pages of your site. It analyses your for various SEO factors like content, keywords, links and tags. It also gives suggestions on how you could improve the SEO score for your site.
 growth-hackers-toolkit-grammarly Make sure your content does not have any silly grammar or spelling mistakes before you put it out on the web. You can use grammarly’s free version for that and if you opt for the premium version, you’ll get a lot of other features too like plagiarism detection, integration with Microsoft Office and suggestions to enhance the vocabulary.
 growth-hackers-toolkit-checkmylinks Check My Links tool helps you detect broken links from a page. It does so by highlighting all the working links in green and the broken one in red so that you could easily check them.


These are some of the tools which can help growth hackers in a number of ways. There are a plenty more out there which you can explore and use if you think they’ll work for you.

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