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Friday , May 24 2024

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3 Tools to make your Visual Content

3-tools-to-make-your-visual-contentIt is the universal fact that our brains easily capture and memorize the visuals longer than the simple text. Digital marketers who do content marketing, better know the importance of visual content. Visual content can be any of these forms- photos, infographics, videos etc.; it may contain text as well. When it comes to effectively influence the audience with some information, visual content gets the job done.

To create the visuals may seem tedious to you or perhaps you rely on graphic designers. Collectively, this is where you can save bucks and time, by using some visual tools that are easy to use as well as professional. The tools are handy to those who have the right content, but don’t know how to present it visually. We shortlisted 3 tools as follows:


Canva makes it easier to design visuals where complex information gets shareable in catchy forms. It is easy to use and is available on all the mobile platforms. The best thing we like about the tool is that it has drag and drop facility. A variety of templates and designs are available. It has extremely good features for editing the visuals.


Piktochart is a web-based tool that allows you to create professional infographics, no matter you have experience of graphic design. The tool is flexible and featured with a range of customizable templates. The good thing about the tool is that it offers interactive infographics that means it can be read by search engines for its HTML capabilities.


PicMonkey is a web-based photo editing tool that lets you create professional looking photos with awesome features. The tool allows you to add text, effects and overlays. It offers touch up facility to make your photo graceful and reduces your efforts for designing. The tool has design and collage feature that helps you to do photo editing for social media channels as well.

The Bottom Line

These tools have features to create visual content fairly within a few clicks. Creating presentation sheets, infographics or using higher quality photos is made easy with these tools like never before. The tools offer hundreds of fonts and millions of images to incorporate in the infographics.

When it comes to the pricing, let me tell you that all these three tools offer free versions. The premium versions have a quite affordable price that makes it preferable rather than hiring a graphic designer.

About ToOLOwl

I am ToOLOwl. I have few friends in my nest; whenever someone requests a tool’s review or I pick a one out of my interest, someone in the nest does research on the tool, someone takes a tool’s walkthrough and some of them share their experiences and expert advice. Based on all; I give it a  stereoscopic vision and present important insights for you to go through and ease your selection process for tools. Wish you Happy reading, Easy choosing.

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