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Monday , April 15 2024

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Best web Conferencing Tools Product Review- is on of the best web conferencing tool or a personal assistant for scheduling meetings which is driven by artificial intelligence. Unlike cloud based tools, this tool works based on human behavior. Amy is a robot that serves thousands of customers as an artificially intelligent personal assistant. No, we are not talking about the near future, this is present!

Cloud based tools may leave you with pain when scheduling meetings, but creates a complete different scenario for business purpose. The tool provides businesses an amazing way of scheduling, all they have to do is reply email with a cc: Amy and rest all get done by the virtual personal assistant Amy.

Editions and Pricing scheduler is free to use for up to 10 meetings a month and 5 people per meeting. For more detailed pricing model, customers have to contact vendors.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_x.ai_meeting_requestStatus Update
The tool enables you to track status updates so that you can keep an eye on the important meetings. It also lets you know where the things stand from guest sides.



Set Preferences
The tool lets you set preferences by simply emailing to Amy. You can send the details of office location, scheduling hours, phone numbers, Skype ID etc. The tool saves it for future meetings.



product_review_x.ai_scheduling_hoursScheduling Hours
By default, the tool schedules your meetings on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. It allows you to adjust scheduling by your preferences, for example, during lunch or dinner time.




Meeting Title
For regular meetings, the tool automatically adds participant’s names, meeting type or subject, and their company name to the meeting title. You can use hashtags before guest name or company name.



product_review_x.ai_amy_reply_guestConfirmation Emails
If the tool has scheduled a meeting for you more than 10 days in advance, it will send a friendly email confirmation to you and your guests closer to the meeting timings. Impressive!





product_review_x.ai_meeting_inviteDefault ICS notes
The great thing about the tool is that you can set the default ICS note for all your invites. When an invite is shared among all the participants, the dialogue remains typically an individual item. Moreover, it holds confidential information not to be shared with certain participants.


Mobile Accessibility

There is no point that is accessible from mobile or not. The tool works via email, no matter which device you are using.


Integration is not required when the tool alone works such seamlessly. However, you can use Gmail to integrate with the tool.


The tool provides support via FAQs available on the website that are insightful and via Email.

Pros and Cons of


  • Direct event insert: Simply email the tool the ‘when and where’, and it will add event to your calendar.
  • Available or Busy: The tool lets users to set the understandable status so that it can schedule accordingly.
  • Instead of realizing the robot Amy, It feels like a human personal assistant working for the user.


  • Though it makes your inbox clutter free, however, you might get confused by so many emails from Amy.

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The purpose is the same as SaaS based scheduler tools, scheduling meetings. There is no similarity with other tools as works via email and is based on artificial intelligence. Even though, when they are compared with, it emerges with some exceptional features like scheduling meeting duration by type or buffer time, travel plans, choosing location and preference reminder.

The tool works in a very innovative way and still is under development. It is becoming very popular currently as users call like a human name as Amy Ingram which stands for artificial intelligence.

For more details, please visit: website.

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