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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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10 ways of Increasing a Visitor’s Time Spent on Your Website

10-ways-of-Increasing-a-Visitor’s-Time-Spent-on-Your-WebsiteHow long do your website visitors stay on your website? You might have been able to bring traffic to your site but if they are not actually spending time consuming your content, it indicates that your site is not up to the mark. If visitors stay longer on your site it means that you are providing quality content.

You can use Google analytics to find out the average time spent on your site. This average time affects your search engine rankings too. A good average time indicates that you offer something that benefits your readers. So, if you’re not happy with your website’s average time spent, here are some of the things you can do to increase it:

Ease of Reading

The online audience have a very short attention span. If the reader is not able to grasp what you’re trying to say in a few seconds or so, they’d rather move to something else. So you should try making your content readable by dividing it into smaller chunks and containing simpler sentences. Try including bullets and subheadings. Maintain an appropriate font size so that it is readable in all types of devices.

Internal Links

Use as many internal links in your page as you can. This will not only help decrease your bounce rate but is a good practice for SEO too.

Have a Neat Website Design

You get a very small period of time to convince your audience to stay. You need to work on your site’s look to make your audience want to stay. Make sure you place the most important information at the top of the page. Maintain simplicity in appearance and avoid adding distractive stuff.


Images make a much greater impact on the reader than the text does. Use high quality contextual images but make sure that they are optimized according to the web as they could affect the page speed for your site.


You can add an interesting video on the page. Videos are even more affective as they are interactive and engaging.

Offer Upgrades

If people are interested in reading a type of content, they are likely to show interest in finding out more about it or other content similar to it. Offering additional content will increase a user’s engagement with your site and enable you to retain old users.


Publish content that tempts people to comment on your page. You can ask them to share their opinions about the topic or express personal opinions to get people to respond to it.

Build Trust

Establish credibility with influencers, it helps making people think of you as someone trustworthy. You can also add certifications or ratings about your site to build trust amongst the visitors.

Add Success Stories

Everyone likes stories, finding out about people’s journeys is both inspiring as well as entertaining.

Tell Them How Long It Will Take

People are more likely to go through an article if you already tell them how long it is going to take to read. It will help if you inform them in the first paragraph that it will only take 2 minutes to read or something like that.

The Bottom Line

Even though online audience have a short attention span, you can get them to stay longer if you manage to get them engaged and provide content that interests them.

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