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Monday , May 27 2024

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3 Reasons why google self-driving cars are our future

3-Reasons-why-google-self-driving-cars-are-our-futureSelf-driving cars from Google are expected to begin their journey on public roads in Kirkland, Washington, in the later February, 2016. Washington will become the third state where Google self-driving car tests are performed, joining Calif., home of Google headquarters, Mountain View, Texas and Austin.

Google is constantly working on gaining more experience with different driving environments, driving patterns, and road conditions for its self-driving cars to be introduced soon.



They have already started with vehicles running

Google is definitely going to make a future with its self-driving cars, and one of the biggest reasons for this is, it has already started. The company announced that they were working on the self-driving car program, a couple of days ago. The cars will be simulated to drive three million miles of driving every day. Not only this, Google has also stated that ever since 2009, their 55 self-driven cars have travelled over 1.4 million miles on road and this number should only continue to rise.

They are making the machines learn

Google have been constantly doing efforts for this program. They have actually implemented a simulator that is intended to teach their cars how to react to dangerous situations. Although teaching the cars how to drive in normal situations is not a big deal. The real issue arrives when the software is not programmed on how to react to a dangerous situation. Google believes that the vehicle should be safe for people to travel.

The changing technology

The technology is always changing adapting itself to the new era. Self-driving cars are expected to be the new future. Many companies such as Tesla have notified people that they should have their cars driving themselves in the near future.

One of the strongest motive of designing self-driving cars also is to decrease the number of deaths due to automobile accidents. Traffic crashes are one of the primary cause of death worldwide for people aged 15-24. According to a source, 40% of the drivers never even hit the brakes. To avoid flaws and human errors in driving techniques, Google is now working hard in to this project to introduce self-driving vehicles.

Still there are certain things that needed to be worked on with, such as travelling on four way stops, or handling traffic signals or traffic lights or even making the ride smooth along a busy roads.

Although it may take some time for them to be used by majority of people, but this may definitely revolutionize the automobile industry also saving precious lives worldwide.

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