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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Homdroid- From Android to Home Automation Platform

Homdroid- From-Android-to-Home-Automation-PlatformWith ever- changing and evolving technology, the time has come where automation and mobile apps together build home automation system. Homdroid is a company that makes life easier at home by automating all the electronics appliances. The company was conceieved in India and claims that it has got pre order of Rs 30 crore, even before starting the production.

The founders Lucio Mesquita and Ajay Naik first met while employed under Persistent Systems Limited in Goa, India. They have worked together on several levels of software development and delivery systems with total experience of 20 years.

In 2011, the duo founded mobile development company L & A tech Pvt Ltd, when Lucio got to know Ajay’s entrepreneurial ambitions. Soon in 2013, they thought of widening the company’s reach to the enterprise software domain that covers healthcare, online gaming, computer graphics and travel. In Feb 2015, the app wing of the company acquired by a German firm for a sum of 1 million euros. The same year, they became co-founders of Homdroid with the objective of providing the best user experience in home automation.

Homdroid Automation

The co-founders switched from mobile apps to a home automation system and left no stone unturned in their path of making the product prototype.

Homdroid takes time span of two to three hours to be fitted within a home or office and doesn’t require rewiring. The hardware can be fitted to the switchboards that allows access through mobile apps by the consumers. The product lets users to control the electronic appliances like switch on and off them remotely, scheduling switching and controlling room temperature. Users can monitor power consumption by high load appliances, control the speed of fan and the dimming of lights. Currently, the product is being developed for motion sensors and CCTV camera integration.

Homdroid Revenue Generation

Lucio tells that they have received 2655 pre-orders from a few B2B suppliers, who will sell the products to the final consumer. The pricing of each unit quoted Rs 1.15 Lakhs, which vaguely houses 25 appliances. The company offers smaller units for small sized offices with 5 to 10 power points worth INR 40,000. For the bigger units, it takes almost INR 50,000, to which taxes, marketing, distribution and inventory costs are added at the time of sale. Currently, Profit margin is at 15 per cent. The product comes with one year of warranty and lifetime free app upgrades.

Then, Lucio added that they collected the parts from Taiwan, while the components got assembled in Bangalore and Hyderabad. As of now, the product is only marketed in Mumbai and the pre-orders are coming from Bangalore. As soon as mass production starts, they have plans to reach out to the other metros as well.

The Bottom Line

The home automation industry in the country has just got a kick-start as the Indian government is trying to make the Internet of Things (IoT) industry a $15 billion entity by 2020. Lucio is also looking for his dream to build a global infrastructure in India. The company has plans to branch for automation for industries and public specific infrastructure.

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