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Sunday , July 14 2024

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3P’s of getting visitors through growth hacking

3-p’s-of-getting-visitors-through-growth-hackingGrowth hackers use a number of tactics to get visitors to their site. These tactics ultimately fall under one of the 3P’s of growth hacking. The 3P’s stand for pull, push and product. These are the only ways you can get visitors to your website. Let’s explore how these 3 ways work:


The first way is to pull visitors to your website. Now, the way you achieve that is, you attract visitors to your site. You offer them something that they’re naturally drawn towards. In these tactics, you don’t find people, rather, people find you. You offer to generate value for people, get them enticed. One of the ways you could achieve that is through blog posts. But, creating posts is easy, gathering people who’ll be interested in reading your posts is much harder.

Another way is through podcasts, they have an inbuilt distribution mechanism. You can provide EBooks or guides, teaching people about the usefulness of your product. Infographics and webinars are some other good ways of driving them to your website.


The push technique, however, is not so passive. Here, you interrupt people while they’re engaged in some activity and feed them the content you want to show. People aren’t drawn towards your content, rather, you are pushing your content to them. A popular push technique is through paid ads. But, merely purchasing ads without giving them much of a thought will not be called growth hacking in the proper sense. You should clearly think about what platform to choose before you purchase an ad for that platform. If your potential customer is from a corporate background, you should opt for LinkedIn rather than some other platform.

But, if you’re not interested in spending money, there are other options for you too. You can have cross promotions with other organizations. There are a number of ways through which you can promote things for each other. You can swap posts on Facebook or Twitter or you can send out mails for each other.


The most exciting way to drive traffic to your website is through your product. It is obvious how that’ll work. Create a product that drives traffic for itself. The effect this tactic produces can never be replicated by either push or pull. This is the way you can find viral growth because once a person gets impressed by your product itself, it is likely that he’ll invite his friends to use that product. This way you can attract a whole network of people. But it is extremely difficult to have such type of product virality.

The Bottom Line

In case of push or pull, you need to have an understanding of how traffic flows online. You can’t master these tactics if you don’t know what causes people to move from one place to the other. While in the other ‘p’, that is product, all your efforts are required to be concentrated on the product itself. All three of these techniques work significantly in their own respective places. One might prefer one of these over the other and sometimes even a combination of all three of these methodologies is used.

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