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Monday , June 24 2024

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Pull tactics of getting visitors through Growth Hacking

Pull-tactics-of-getting-visitors-through-Growth-HackingGrowth Hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which use creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking to promote their brands, sell products and gain exposure. It can be visualized as a part of the online marketing ecosystem, as in many cases, growth hackers are using techniques such as website analytics, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and A/B testing.

Pulling visitors is one of the first ways of bringing traffic. These are methods and techniques where you create reasons for them to come back to your site. You tempt, encourage and motivate them, drawing them to your business. These are some of the measures that can be taken to pull visitors for growth hacking:

Blogging or Guest Blogging

Blogging or Guest Blogging is one of the true ways of pulling traffic. Some of the reasons why this method is considered the best is:

  • Blogs are rich in keyword thus can be easily indexed by Google, which aids an overall SEO strategy.
  • They have compounding effect: The more you write, the more chances you’ll have of pulling people towards your business or product.
  • Blogs are usually based around specific niches, guest blogging can show you up among the large swaths of your market.
  • Blog posts are great at spreading awareness among people, people that learns more about your business are likely to move more towards your funnel.

Podcasting or Guest Podcasting

Another great process for pulling tactics is podcasting. Sometimes hearing an audio that is in relevance to the business people always wanted to engage with, may bring out new opportunities. Some of the basic techniques that can be adopted could be:

  • The best practice could be to select a very narrow niche and dominate it as you do not have an experience of production.
  • Decide a strategy to create a set of, say 10 episodes rather than 1 episode a week, making these a set of educational podcasts in a way that visitors find it motivating learning their subject of interest.

EBooks, Guides and Whitepapers

It is somewhere easy to ignore a blog post or a podcast, but if you find an EBook, Guide or a Whitepaper, that can’t simply be ignored. Some of the reasons they are highly used are:

  • People don’t ignore EBooks or Whitepapers on subjects that they are interested in or were looking for.
  • They have a high perceived value, i.e. you can ask for an email address before someone downloads your EBook, this will, ultimately build your own email list that can be used further for email marketing campaigns.
  • They can be easily shared through social media if executed well.
  • They educate people about your product. Informed visitors are most likely to become users and members.


Infographics is a method to display your businesses’ expertise or aesthetics. Visualizations can be powerful tools which can be easily spread via social media. Things that should considered are:

  • Select a good topic: Pick up something that is exciting, clever and which stands out for some reason.
  • Find the right data: A simple Google research will help you find the appropriate data so that you don’t have to create that on your own.
  • Add a design: Figure out ways to narrate your concept visually.
  • Refine and Polish designs: Ensure everything is of high quality adding finishing touches.


Webinars are very successful channels to drive in visitors for your brand. The more informative the webinar is, the more it pulls in people. Webinars are usually live, so people are forced to put them into their calendar schedule. And once it has been put into the schedule, it becomes necessary for them, to attend. This is one of the reasons they are made of high quality and informative.

The Bottom Line

Other than these pulling tactics, Social Media is also one of the major ways to gain traffic to your brand. Social channels such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn are those that prominently pulls traffic to your business.

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