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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Answers to the Top 3 SEO Questions to Set the Record Straight


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Be it a pro or a beginner; everybody has questions about SEO. The reason behind the questions is the vast boundary of the topic. SEO is very important because it is the best way for people to identify you over the internet. The article provides an answer to the most common SEO questions.

Is Website Traffic Generation Possible Without Any Marketing Budget?

This question is the most popular question in SEO industry. Traffic without any investment is what everybody expects. One thing to remember is nothing for free, even oxygen. You have to give out carbon-di-oxide only then you can breathe in oxygen.

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Yes, you can get traffic without any capital investment. But instead of money, you will have to invest your time and efforts. Remember, nothing is free. As a company, it is not advised to just depend on free traffic. However, there have been success stories of companies with zero marketing budget. Some of the hacks to getting free traffic are

  • Using personal networks (friends and family) for recommendations
  • Distributing free sample to relevant institutions.
  • Availability of the product on the most sought out platform.

You can spread the word about your website in many other ways. However, you cannot expect miracles to happen overnight. For some, it might just take weeks while for some it might take even years.

As a Beginner How Should I Start On-Page SEO?

Before starting any proper SEO, the first step is to perform a website audit. Doing so will ensure that the proposed solutions are based on the right problems. The on-page factors that one should look into as beginner are

  • Quality of content
  • Type of Content
  • Internal linking (broken links/redirects)
  • Page load speed
  • Structured Data
  • Optimized images
  • On-site elements
  • Mobile friendliness

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During the process using Google Analytics and Search Console will be a lot of help. These tools will provide some of the information about your site

  • Who is the audience?
  • What are the devices used by the audience to reach you?
  • The pages visited by the audiences.
  • The actions performed by the audiences on the visited page.

Should I Change My SEO Practices Due To After Panda and Penguin Updates?

This question one of those interesting questions that experts hesitate while answering. Well, the answer to this solution is both ‘YES’ and ‘NO.’

Yes, you should change your SEO practice after these updates only then you can meet new challenges. You won’t succeed if you don’t try out new solutions. SEO is a highly dynamic industry, and we need to adapt the changes.

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There are a few factors in SEO such as links and content that do not change. Thus, you need not change according to updates, and you can stick to the tried and tested factors, especially if you are new the industry. You can save both money and time if you avoid being unique and stick to the existing methods.

The Bottom Line

There are many other SEO questions for which the people want answers. However, the other questions depend on a business situation. You can always find answers for your doubts, but it will only be fruitful when you implement those in the right manner.

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