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Friday , May 24 2024

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Electronic Signature Apps For Small Businesses

Applications that facilitate electronic signature are becoming one of the important parts of modern document management, even for small businesses. Businesses are using digital signatures as they cut down the costs, and it is a convenient way to sign the document on the go. When you are digitally signing documents, you reduce the processing time and helps in making business decisions faster.

There are all good reasons to use a digital signature. Here is a list of all the top digital signature apps that small and medium businesses can use.


It is an e-signature application that allows you to sign documents using any device. The application offers the highest level of security, encrypting any and every document that you sign using it. In addition, the complete audit data is kept using this application. The application is used all over the world and in 44 different languages to sign documents and share agreements.


It is a company from Dropbox that offers a set of different tools to manage different documents. It also offers an esignature tool that has a built-in reminder and a set of different signing options that are available to improve the overall ROI for your business. The users are able to customize the user requests with your company logo or the tagline. You will also be able to manage document permissions from a provided central dashboard.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is an extremely easy to use application where you can get an electronic signature by adding a customer email address. The application also does not require any downloads or account sign-ups. It is one of the industry-leading electronic signature application where you need to just upload the document, type the recipient’s email address, and tap on send.

The application allows you to manage all of the documents and easily track each of them. The application also has a set of small and excellent integrations such as MS 365 and Dropbox. The app also allows you to create a PDF document that can be exported to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.


It is another e-signature software application that has a free trial version. The application is scalable, and there are no limitations. The application is able to monitor the requests for the results in real-time. Some of the other features include being able to keep track of all the documents and files that are timestamped.


It is another electronic signature application that is highly easy to use. The application can be used on any mobile application where you can get electronic signatures from multiple customers at a time. The application is cloud-based and can be used all over the world. The application can also embed the signatures into your website or the application. It is one of the best and the easiest way to complete your contracts.

All these applications will help small and medium business owners to make digital signatures easy and convenient.

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