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Top 10 BI Tools For Small And Medium Businesses 2021

As more and more people are using the internet, data is growing every day. All this data and information can be highly useful for businesses to make informed decisions. Businesses cannot afford today to make decisions based on incomplete information and gut feeling. Rather, all the data needs to be converted into valuable and meaningful information. This leads to the need for a data intelligence tool or a business intelligence tool.

Top Business Intelligence tools are used to access and analyse the different sets of data and present the findings. The aim is to provide users with a detailed overview of the current state of the business. The tool is also helpful to derive valuable and meaningful data insights.

What BI tools do?

The Business Intelligence tools enable business leaders to make more informed decisions. The accurate information and insights generated by them eliminate almost all of the guesswork and the gut feeling in the decision-making process. The BI tools provide a complete overview of the data bringing all the collected data into a unified view that allows managers to make informed decisions.

The Top 10 BI Tools for the coming year 2021 are as follows



Scoro The application is more than just a business intelligence tool. It does not just manage your data but the entire business in one place. The product is an all in one solution that helps you to manage your sales and customers. It also allows you to plan your team’s time and projects. The application also helps you to keep track of your business results. Scoro has a real-time KPI dashboard giving a full overview of the projects, clients, and finances. It also integrates with a wide range of business tools and offers automated reporting.
MS Power BI MS Power BI is a web-based business intelligence tool that is dedicated to carrying out business analytics. The tool enables you to transform, analyse, and explore data, both on-premise and on the cloud platform. The tool is able to collect information on a centralized cloud location to generate real-time visualizations.
Dundas BI It is a highly powerful business intelligence platform that gives power to the business to analyse and visualize data. The application allows you to convert the raw data into actionable insights with the help of dashboards. The application is also capable of generating reports and visual data analytics. Dundas BI has simple drag and drop tools and can generate valuable results by pulling data from a number of sources.
Sisense The application is best in the simplification of data analytics. The application uses AI technology to create analytic applications that users can embed anywhere. The application is capable of incorporating data from a number of resources without any issues. The application is very simple to use and does not require any user training. Its key features include ad-hoc reporting, Big Data services, and an interactive business intelligence dashboard. s
MicrosStrategy The application is an enterprise analytics application that helps small businesses to make better and informed decisions. The application also contributes to improving the overall workflow. The application provides a multi-functional dashboard, advanced analytics, as well as big data solutions. The application also easily visualize data and provides location-based analytics. MicroStrategy also offers a multi-functional dashboard, predictive analytics, and big data solutions.
Zoho Analytics Zoho is a well-known name in the name of web-based applications and tools for businesses. Zoho Analytics has a visually attractive dashboard that supports data collection from multiple sources. The users of the application can easily blend the data using a simple online interface and export the results to multiple ecosystems. The application provides a unified analytics system, easy integration with a number of tools and databases, and is highly easy to use and implement.
Halo The application allows its users to combine the automated data process with manual data manipulation to generate custom results. The application offers automated data integration, supply chain analytics, and visualization, all in a single solution. All these features make it a suitable solution and a good platform to manage supply chain activities through its advanced BI capabilities. Halo has an intuitive user interface and a collaborate mode of sharing and achieving discussions. The application is also a pro in customer and supplier management.
Oracle BI It is a great Business Intelligence application that allows its users to uncover new business insights and make faster and more informed business decisions. The application has a set of different BI capabilities, such as data mining and sending alerts. The tool is capable of generating in-depth insights as well as agile data discovery. The tool is easy to access different data analytics.
SeekTable The application is ideal for start-ups and small companies. The application allows businesses to leverage and make data-driven decisions. The comprehensive tools allow its users to make an ad-hoc analysis of all the business data, which is collected from multiple sources. The application is capable of generating live reports, which are highly interactive and gives the user power to apply data sorting through its highly advanced filters.
Tableau One of the most visually sleek business intelligence application that gives its users a simple drag and drop option to make visualizations. Tableau is one of the best options for small and medium-sized businesses that use visual analytics in their work every day. The application supports mobile BI strategy and offers a one-click reporting option.


All the BI tools mentioned here are cloud-based, and most of them can be accessed and used via smartphones. So, have a look at the top 10 BI tools that are available in the market and make the best selection for your business.


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