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Monday , April 15 2024

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Growth Hacking Tools Product Review- Anygrowth

Growth- Hacking- Tools-Product-review-anygrowthAnygrowth is a growth hacking tool designed for Growth Hackers. It is a collection of tools that can be used for automating different marketing tasks like extracting Facebook ids, enriching email databases, LinkedIn and Twitter tasks etc.

The Anygrowth team keeps adding some or the other tools that can make a growth hacker’s life easier. Anygrowth currently contains 18 tools.

Anygrowth can become an ultimate toolkit for entrepreneurs, web marketers or growth hackers.

Editions and Pricing

The trial version is available for free with limited access. Small businesses can use the premium version which they can get at $ 17 per month. It provides medium access. For larger businesses, there is the premium version which costs $31 per month and provides unlimited access.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Anygrowth_FindEmailProfilesFind LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook email Profiles
The tool enables you to find the email profiles of people from their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. You can install the extension to activate this tool.



Anyrowth_LeadsGeneratorToolsLead Generator Tools
It has two Lead Generator tools, one is the Companies lead generator and the other is LinkedIn Lead Generation. You can use these tools to find qualified leads related to a keyword. You can find your lead lists, filter them on the basis of country and select the maximum number of leads you need to reach before the tool stops searching further.


Anygrowth_CollectEmailsBarCollect Emails Bar
This tool can be used to collect the emails of your website visitors to create target lists for your marketing campaigns. You can install the widget by adding the piece of code to your website. You can also customize the colors, texts and position of the widget to use it for your website.


Anygrowth_FacebookFacebook Group and page Ids, Emails
Anygrowth allows you to automate the tasks of extracting emails and Ids from Facebook groups and pages using tools “Facebook Group Ids + emails” and “Facebook Page Ids + emails”. This way you can easily extract the Facebook email and ids of the members of a group or people who’ve liked a page and export it to CSV. You can also grow your Facebook group faster by sending mass Facebook invitations to emails using “Mass Facebook invitations by email” option.



There are a number of useful tools that can help you with your SEO strategy. The “keyword finder” can suggest a list of related keywords for a specific term. “Send visitors” can improve your search engine ranking by sending visitors to your website’s url. The “SEO page analysis tool” can give a full SEO analysis for your pages. Also there is “SEO position checker” to check the position of your keyword for popular search engines.


Anygrowth_LinkedInVisitsLinkedIn Visits
This is a great tool to boost your visibility on LinkedIn. You can use this tool to find and visit the profiles of new professionals from any field you select. This way people will get notified about your visit to their profiles and they’ll most likely visit you back. This way you get to increase your network.



Anygrowth_TwitterTwitter Profiles and Emails
You can generate selected keyword accounts on the basis of a specific keyword using “Extract Twitter profiles” or you can find the emails of those accounts using “Extract emails on Twitter”.



Anygrowth_MassCommentsMass Comments
This tool can automate the task of sending mass comments by automatically finding related sites for you where you can write a customized comment.



Here’s a tool called “Collect emails while browsing” which you can use to collect emails on any website you come across while browsing. “Send marketing emails” is a complete tool to automate the tasks of creating email campaigns and sending marketing emails to the prospects. Also, there is the “Bulk email tester” that can check your email lists to verify if an email is fake or real.


Pros and Cons of Anygrowth


  • Provides some useful SEO tools.
  • Automates tasks related to marketing email campaigns.
  • Contains some innovative features to leverage social media for marketing.


  • Cannot be called a complete toolkit for growth hackers yet, as it still lacks some useful features that competitors offer.

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Anygrowth provides a suite of tools for web marketers to accelerate their online business. The tool will make it much easier for growth hackers to manage their marketing campaigns and will save them from the boring, time-consuming marketing tasks.

For more details, please visit: Anygrowth website.

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