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Monday , June 24 2024

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BI Tools Product Review – Ptengine

BI Tools Product review-ptenginePtengine is one the top business intelligence tool or a platform that provides web analytics and heatmap solutions for content marketers, web developers and designers. It was developed by a Japanese IT Company founded in 2010.

Analyzing a website’s traffic has become a crucial factor for a business’s growth. Ptengine is one of the few platforms that that provide effective web analytics and heatmap solutions to help you monitor your site better and improve its performance. Ptengine has an easy to learn intuitive user interface. It has an easy SignUp and provides detailed insights about the behavior of your internet audience.

Editions and Pricing

Ptengine has a free version available for 1000 viewers per month. The lite version is available at $9 per month and $7 if you go for the annual plan. It is limited to 25000 viewers and comes with HTTPS support.

The startup package can be bought at $49 on a monthly basis and $39 per month for the annual plan. It has the limit of 50,000 viewers per month and includes the feature of heatmap comparison.

The Growth package costs $99 per month and $79 per month when billed annually. All these plans are available for a free trial for up to 14 days.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

ptengine_EventTrackingEvent Tracking
Ptengine provides auto as well as custom event tracking. It can automatically track all website events like downloading a file, sending out emails or adding outbound links. Apart from that, you have the option to create event tracking for custom events also. You can set custom events for it like sign up or share button clicks rates etc. These features are readily available without the need for any extra implementation efforts.


The click heatmap displays the information about clicks with thermographic visualization so that you can easily visualize the areas that are most clicked. This information can be used in setting up a monetization method. There is another heatmap called the Attention heatmap which also gives a thermographic visualization. This one can be used to find out the areas that attract most attention. This information is useful in boosting your conversion rate.


Page Analysis
You can get a complete analysis of your webpage. You can get detailed information about clicks from different web elements to determine how each of them is performing. These elements include the interactive as well as the non-interactive ones be it buttons, images, links, dropdown menus etc. It also helps you with page optimization.


ptengine_ScrollReachMapScroll Reach Map
The scroll reach map feature helps you to understand how each of your webpage is scrolled by your visitors. This feature can provide useful insights about the behavior of your visitors and help you determine their reasons for leaving.



Campaign and Version Analytics
You can use this feature to measure your conversion rate. You can measure your page’s traffic on the basis of name, content, medium and various other factors. You can use this information to find the sources of your visitors and their reasons of conversion.

Pros and Cons of Ptengine


  • Provides detailed click and attention heatmap analysis.
  • Provides options for automatic as well as custom event tracking.
  • Page analysis and scroll reach map give you a complete overview of your page’s performance and lets you determine the areas that need improvement.


  • The number of page views you can track per month is limited depending upon the plan you choose.

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Ptengine is one place for all the tracking and analytics solutions you need for your webpage. It gives powerful heatmap visualization to measure performance. It also helps you in optimizing your website to boost your conversion rate. It is a must have tool for businesses that are majorly dependent on their website.

For more details, please visit: Ptengine website.

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