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Monday , May 27 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review – Mafeeshee

Collaboration-Tools-Product-review-MafeesheeMafeeshee one of the best collaboration tool aims to build a co-working network which will connect all kinds of people with you. You can be a freelancer, startup, entrepreneur, investor, all or none of the above. The members can show their projects here and get feedback from others. They can meet and collaborate with new and like-minded individuals on their work to be more productive and innovative.

It is like the social networking of work, combining both the advantages of social and business and eliminating unwanted group of networks. This platform gives you an opportunity to show your skills and attract new projects. If you seek a good partner or coworker for your project then you can find the right person over here.

Editions and Pricing

Mafeeshee does not have and pricing to be charged, it is completely free. It just has a simple sign up by providing a password and an email address.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_mafeeshee_profileManage Profile
The users can manage their profile here by editing their skills, project and personal details.




This is the first place where a new user ends up. This place shows any updates or news from mafeeshee.




product_review_mafeeshee_new_projectAdd new project
Add new project and let the other users know the type of project and its status. The status helps in collaborating with other users to work on a project.



Mafeeshee allows the users to chat with other members. A search option is also available for the messages.




The list of follower, following, collaborators, matches and suggestions can be viewed at the people screen. It shows the related info required.




product_review_mafeeshee_manage_accountManage account
The user account can be managed to change the email address or change the existing password. It also allows you to delete your account, which results in deletion of all the projects and other information related to the account.



The users can search for any other user or project in Mafeeshee through the search option provided.




product_review_mafeeshee_supportContact Us
Mafeeshee provides support to its customers for any queries they have. Contacting the team is not a difficult task.


Pros and Cons of Mafeeshee


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Allows people of common interests to come together.
  • Gives an opportunity to collaborate with new people interested in their project.


  • Does not have the option to upload any project related documents.

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Mafeeshee concentrates on building a work oriented social media, thus filtering off the unwanted cluster of people. People only with common interest come together, giving opportunity to collaboration with the required people.

For more details, please visit: Mafeeshee website.

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