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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing & Sales software for startups product review – UPilot

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-Review- UpilotUPliot is a marketing software CRM tool to manage the entire sales, helping sales people close more deal and managers to have the visibility and measurement needed for growth. It has a beautiful dashboard, which automatically generates reports giving a complete view of the teams efforts and results, saving several hours a week. It allows to manage complex aspects like pipeline management and forecasting with intuitive and simple drag and drop technique.

It features essential workspace to organize, manage and track sales and also provides recommendations on follow ups. For a growing company, it also allows visibility and reporting control, using simple visual tools without migrating to complex solutions.

Editions and Pricing

UPilot provides monthly billing based on the selected plan. It offers a 14 day unlimited free trial.

PLAN PRICING(per user per month)
Small team plan $9
A full sales CRM for SMB $24
Sales CRM of any size $49

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

produt_review_upilot_dashboardAuto generated Reports
It provides an elegant dashboard with auto generated reports to analyze and handle critical deals. It helps in finding the areas of support and provides a statistical and graphical view of the sales details.



produt_review_upilot_pipelinePipeline Management
The tool lists out the sales in pipeline with the total value of the pipeline. It lists all pending sales, my pending sales and the deals closing for that quarter.



produt_review_upilot_smart_listEasy Search
The tool by itself shows the deals to be viewed for the day. But on top of that if any customization to the list to be viewed is need, it becomes possible with the filters.



produt_review_upilot_smart_workspaceSmart Workspace
UPilot features a central command center for sales staff to organize their day and track their progress, spiced up with intelligence based follow up suggestions.



produt_review_upilot_cashflowsCash flows
Easy cash flows management can be done just in clicks. The types of deals handled are fixed bid, subscription based, recurring payments with different intervals, milestone payments and the mix of the all.



produt_review_upilot_visibilityUsers and Permissions
Managing the visibility level of an employer and the reporting details becomes easy and fast.

Pros and Cons of Upilot


  • Easy to use, with drag-drop features.
  • Notifications and alerts for deals and activities is displayed.
  • Shows the activities based on timeline.
  • Can sync with email accounts.
  • Option to import data from other CRM or CSV file


  • The grid view of pipeline makes it difficult to find the required deal when it is very well stuffed.
  • Instant support depends on the availability of support reps.


The fun to use and easy user interface, intelligent support and customer insights all in a single platform makes UPilot stand out from the crowd. The reports to be analyzed are generated automatically and the dashboard shows all the reports needed in numerical, pie chat and bar chart format making it visually easy to understand.

For more details, Please visit: UPilot website.

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