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Friday , May 24 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- GitPrime

BI Tools Product review-gitprime

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Management in software development has always been difficult. Analyze data in version control with one of the best BI tool GitPrime to measure the productivity of software team. The tool allows viewing the work patterns, identifying improvement areas and offering concrete data to stakeholders. The work patterns are highlighted through code based reporting. The tool helps to identify growth areas for both developers and team specific. The tool gives unified software engineering progress across all the repositories. It helps to view the data in real time.

Editions and Pricing

GitPrime comes with a simple pricing plan, where the customers pay only for the size of the active team. It charges $25 per engineer who contributes, per month. The tool provides a 15 day free trial with the following features

  • No Credit Card Required
  • Historical data is free.
  • No burden to set up anything.
  • Can connect to cloud hosted data (Bitbucket, GitHub, ).
  • No workflow changes
  • Unlimited Repositories.
  • Reporting Package is Standard.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_git_prime_continuous_feedbackContinuous Feedback
The users can see the work patterns of an engineer. Users can utilize the features for instant feedback and focus on areas individually for improvement.



product_review_git_prime_map_eventsMap Events
Events like team growth, process changes, and late-stage requirement can be viewed.  The mapping will help to improve communication with the stakeholders.



product_review_git_prime_daily_progressDaily Progress
Comparing and tracking individual’s progress is necessary for the betterment of both the organization and the individual. The tool provides easy tracking option across all the repositories in one location. Tracking can be done as the work progresses through the pipeline through key terms.


product_review_git_prime_track_costTrack Attention Cost
The tool allows the users to break down the work into categories and identifies the percentage of team’s weekly attention paid by the team for each category.


Mobile Accessibility

The product is a web application and does not have any mobile apps.


The tool allows integrating with GitHub and BitBucket.


The team provides support through direct chat, phone conversation, and FAQ. The users can also contact through email.

Pros and Cons of GitPrime


  • Historical data can be imported from existing repo.
  • The repository can be added manually via SSH and HTTPS.


  • Content management and document management is missing.

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Using data from version control and code to analyze the working patterns makes the tool different from others. It helps to improve software development to a great extent.

For more details, please visit GitPrime Website

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