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Friday , May 24 2024

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Salespatron- The All-In-One Engagement Solution

Salespatron-The-All-In-One-Engagement-SolutionMarketing and sales is a crucial, yet important part of business since a very long time. When talking about times 20 years back, it was a great challenge to manage the relationships and sales pipeline. With increase in the business prospects and clientele of any business, it becomes a lot more challenging to manage the sales and marketing activities.

The initial software tool to tackle all these issues was TeleMagic, this was one of the initial solutions for the sales people who were struggling every day with contacts and information spreadsheets. TeleMagic was a combination of rolodex, managing all contacts as well as spreadsheets that kept a track of all sales updated at one place.

The tool was highly successful with more than 2, 00,000 copies sold. But even this solution was not serving all the purposes needed for Sales activities

To resolve challenges of sales and marketing for small and medium businesses moving towards development, several CRM tools came into the market. These tools with the entire CRM industry characterized the first wave of sales and marketing interactions and even forecasted sales revenue more accurately.

No doubt these tools helped sales managers better manage their teams and tasks with great efficiency, but they always didn’t help salespeople sell out the products more efficiently. And this was the reason why there arrived a need for a solution that served a little more than just a CRM or contact management tool to further improve closure rates. Businesses needed a tool that can help the next generation of salespeople to pitch their audience more effectively and conduct closure faster.

Resolving all these issues and pitching the audience better to match the current market needs, many high end solutions were introduced into the market. And with technology automating the sales process, everything was just a game of clicks. Resulting to this, sales and marketers are now spending more money for technology, than the CTOs. And also with the surge in internet, the tools to sell and market the products have seen drastic changes.

Amongst these tools, one of the top was- Salespatron. With efficient management and organization solutions, Salespatron changed the process of sales and marketing. With powerful feature set and an intuitive interface, Salespatron become one of the preferred sales and marketing solution for businesses.

On-Demand Content Repository

The tool offers flexibility to use and upload your sales collaterals in almost any file format with file size up to 100 MB.

Share Presentations with Prospects and Clients Effortlessly

You can share presentations with team members, prospects and clients effortlessly through Salespatron. The easy to use interface makes it just a juggling game to share information and pitch the audience efficiently.

Track Client’s engagement with your Sales Presentations

Instant notifications and emails are sent right into your inbox as soon as someone opens your shared document link. Know how much time the prospect spent browsing through your shared links and follow them as it is convenient.

Hassle Free Live Meetings

Present any document to multiple prospects with a single click. The built-in live document feature lets you present documents and slides remotely without the need of a screenshot solution.

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