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Monday , June 24 2024

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Insights on Growth by using blogs by Small and Medium Businesses.

Blogging is a way of communicating with clients, but small and medium businesses widely underutilize it. As a result, it represents a huge opportunity for those who know how to use it appropriately. Blogging can be a conversation between a potential client and seller through a website. Now it’s up to the businesses to make an unmatchable and efficient conversation for a high conversion rate. The website is going to represent the business on behalf of the person. It’s one of the most effective investments one can make in internet presence. It’s significantly less expensive to start and run than traditional advertising such as magazine ads, postcards, and fliers. Those items are discarded and forgotten, but a regularly updated blog can continue to attract clients for years.

How it is helpful

  • Getting traffic
  • Blog content for social media
  • Keep old and present customers linked

Ranking in SEO

Google tracks newly updated blogs and pushes ranks accordingly. When a new post is published, it effectively pushes the business’s rank as it tends to notify people that there is fresh content available. Because of the move, Google’s web bots will visit the website. Therefore, when potential visitors in the area use the internet to ask related inquiries, blog/article has a chance to come up first.

For example, someone has a book shop and has recently written a blog about a few new bestselling books or any storybooks; any user nearby would search for a book shop or the particular book, then the article will show up, and the shop will be in top of the list.

Presence in social media

It is now necessary for all businesses to be present on social media. Therefore, regular content is needed for posting. In that case, blogs can be utilized as content, and the added benefit is that it is sharable on the platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. This helps expose the business to a new audience who may not be familiar with it.

A better way of communicating

Connecting Clients

Blogs give a reason to connect with the old and existing clients to initiate conversation. In addition, people may quickly recollect the business anytime they wish to use the product.

Platforms for interaction and improvisation

Blogs have comments sections where clients can review or share their thoughts about the blog or anything about the business they want to share.

Sharing Business news

Sharing business news on the blog humanizes the brand and shows the readers that the business isn’t solely focused on selling. Sharing the news of the business builds trust factor among the community. In addition, it has a long-term effect on the business’s branding.

Blogs continue to benefit long after they have been published. More is better in this case; the more good blogs are posted, the more benefits can be received.




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