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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Top 6 Trends to watch out in 2022 for small businesses

Small businesses have been in a state of panic and confusion due to the pandemic. Lack of funding and financing sources and not being technologically savvy or digitally educated have worsened the situation. However, as the world gradually returns to normalcy, many small businesses are now starting to recover. Understanding upcoming trends can assist small businesses in regaining their footing. Following six significant small business trends are compiled in this article.

  • Increased hiring of freelancers
  • More Marketing investment on social media platforms
  • Dependency on AI
  • Training and mentoring of employees
  • Personalized services
  • Investing on sustainability

Small business owners must be aware of the changes and trends driving business in the post-pandemic era.

Increased hiring of freelancers

In terms of hiring style, a non-trustworthy period has begun. The future of business is uncertain. Businesses have started either outsourcing their work or hiring freelancers for the job. In that way, they are not committed to the employees. In addition, many artificial intelligence (AI) systems can now perform activities previously only performed by humans. According to ‘Forbes’ this trend have started in second half of year 2020 and will be new normal in coming years.

More Marketing investment on social media platforms

Having an online presence is critical for small businesses, simply registering an account is not enough. It is vital to develop a stable, and appealing brand that will aid in the implementation of a digital marketing plan. In addition, small businesses may use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to increase their consumer base by giving relevancy and endorsements. For example, Nike, Starbucks, Levi’s, and other brands are becoming more active on Instagram and Connecting billions of followers by sending out a strong social message while pushing their brands and product.

Increased use of AI

When the pandemic hit, demand for digital services skyrocketed, exposing gaps in digital experiences and databases and hastening digital change across industries. Ever since Artificial intelligence has rapidly advancing in capabilities and accessibility, many previously done jobs by employees will fall under AI Capacity. For instance,

  • AI/ML Driving Sales
  • Email Marketing
  • Inclination models
  • IT Framework
  • AI Chatbots for Better Customer Service
  • Progressed Tracking
  • Sentiment Analysis to Gauge Customers’ Emotions
  • Competitive Intelligence

According to a survey by McKinsey in Dec 2021, Dependence on AI will further grow in the coming years.

Training and mentoring of employees

Developing and refining an employee’s professional and personal skills and training as well as mentoring employees make them more valuable to the business. In addition, businesses show that it cares about their success by taking an interest in employees’ development. And this can help employees become more loyal to the business.

B schools also offer small business tie-ups for training and certification courses with discounts.

Personalized services

Competitiveness will rise in the digital business era. Businesses will thrive in this competitive industry by providing distinctive products with personalized services. According to a recent study, most clients want customized services. Spotify, for example, has taken customized mode seriously since 2015; with an algorithm of saved, skipped, and frequently listened songs, it recommends new songs to specific users.

Investing on sustainability

Clients in 2022 are much more aware, learned and smart. Business management needs to be environmentally conscious and recycle for the greater good. The causes move customers. Clients increasingly connect with brands on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with a social message. Make a point of mentioning the reduced packaging or the social responsibility initiative taken by the business.

There has been a rush of learning for small businesses in the last two years in order to survive. The approach is more open to multi-platforms than pre-pandemic. However, staying in business needs ongoing adaptation, reevaluation, and fine-tuning.

So let us know what you think will be the biggest business trend of 2022 in the comment section

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